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Aug 20, 2008 07:40 AM

Places to eat in Providence

My wife and I are taking a long weekend to Providence this weekend. What are some great casual places to eat in the area? We like all types of food but are looking for all the local favorites. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Please, please dont take this as being unkind or anything, but I have to inquire as to whether you did some searching on the site before posing this question? There have been quite a bit of posts like this in the past 6 weeks or so asking about Providence lately with some really good answers. A quick search finds them all:

    Hope this helps...

    1. Basachs is right, there's a ton of info on this board about Providence, so posting w/out a board search first, and w/out narrowing your likes down just a bit more (are you okay w/$30 entrees or is anything over $15 out of the question? Do you prefer red sauce italian or seafood?) is a bit fruitless.

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        in matt5150's defense, i have found this board tricky to navigate at times, at least for a techno-tard like myself. on the other hand, i do find the repetitive threads tedious, and i think basachs was just trying to help, for the greater good, at least. and yes, providence definitley deservers its own board. play nice, kiddies, food is supposed to be FUN!

        1. re: sarabean

          No one was blasting Matt.....we were (politely I thought) trying to help him post in such a way to generate the responses he needs. Play nice? Who wasn't?

          1. re: JaneRI

            meant to be taken lightly, jk, sorry!