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Aug 20, 2008 07:26 AM


So I was very much looking forward to having my first meal at Wolfgang's. I'm a fairly seasoned steak person and have been to most of the best in NY and I heard from many that Wolfgang's was the best of the Luger's spinoffs.

We did dine at the Tribeca location, I heard now that might have made the difference. Honestly, I was shocked how terrible the meal was, it might have been the worst high end steak experience I have had in NY.

Starters - were solid steakhouse fare, nothing too creative. The bacon was very solid, the highlight of the night, not Lugers, but very good.

Steak - of course, we had the Porterhouse. I'm not sure if they were trying to imitate Ruth Chris, but the platter was too hot and took our medium rare to medium by the time it was served. Decent crust, but no seasoning at all, many of us reached for the steak sauce which is absurd. Big question is why is there any steak sauce at all for the table? Steak was certainly not aged well, very tough in certain areas and just lacked flavor.

Sides - again solid typical fare, creamed spinach was the star, definitely one of the better ones I have had. Onion Rings, Fries, Broccoli, all nothing special.

Did we go on an off night or is this typical?

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  1. Thats been my exact experience every time I've been to Wolfgangs (I've only been to the Park Ave location). Looked good, seared well, cooked to the right doneness but a complete lack of taste. My visits have been spaced apart, so there is no excuse for the steaks I've received. I have since refused to go back.

    Also note, the sizzling plate is copying Lugers not Ruths Chris. And just like Lugers, the steak sauce is not on the table for the steaks but the salads/bread.

    1. This doesn't sound like the Wolfgangs I know. Granted the Park Ave location is better all-around, but still your experience sounds horrendous. You're absoutely right, you shouldn't need steak sauce (although in their defense even Lugers puts the sauce on the table).

      Since wolfgangs is a lugers spinoff they do many things the same way, including the uber-hot plates, but I don't see how even the hottest plate not under heat could continue to cook your steak from medium rare to medium. If it was medium, it's because it was cooked to the wrong temp, not because of the heat from the plate.

      I have to say that the Wolfgangs on Park Ave is my favorite, most consistent steak in NYC. While I found the tribeca location lagging, my experiences were much better than yours and think you must have been there on an off-night - which in itself is inexcusable.

      I'd recommend getting right back on that horse and heading to the Park Ave location.

      1. I have to say I'm surprised--I'm a big steakhouse fan and Wolfgang's is definitely one of the top I've been to. I've had really good experiences at both locations.

        I'd recommend giving it another shot.