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Aug 20, 2008 07:19 AM

Was thinking 'ino for tonight, but want to sit outside

This weather is too perfect to dine inside tonight, so while I had plans to go to 'ino, I'm thinking I should switch it up. Would like to keep it in a similar price range...besides Bar Pitti (which I do enjoy, but would like to try something new), what are my options in the W 4th street subway station vicinity?

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  1. If 'ino was your first choice (as it should be) why not take a short trip to 'inoteca? Wider selection on the menu and it has sidewalk seating. Even if you don't get a table outside, it's an open dining area with the doors open. Not near W4 but not too far away.

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      eh, personally, i cant stand inoteca but love ino...they usually keep the windows open on nice nights...perhaps ask for the table in the front.

    2. I would try the back garden at Palma on Cornelia Street - they have really good Italian food and its a nice setting.