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Aug 20, 2008 06:46 AM

"Fresh" Seafood near Hartford, CT

Can anyone share a good seafood market (for take-home) near Hartford, CT? I tried CityFish Market a few times, but when I saw head-on shrimp and asked where they were from, the counter lady said "I have no idea". It's been a challenge finding fresh seafood in this area, and I hate to visit Stew's now that my kids are too old to justify the visit "because my kids love it"!

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  1. why does that mean that the seafood isn't fresh? head on shrimp is probably less processed than headless shrimp. anyway, when i lived in hartford, i bought a lot of seafood from apple tree on new park rd and adong asian market on new britain ave. the seafood is probably not yuppie quality, but the prices are reasonable and i never had a problem with freshness.

    1. Whole Foods has a nice fish dept, but it's pricey.

      1. There are 2 locations in Hartford now for Tinkers Seafood which is both a market and a restaurant. One is on Park Street near the WH line (in the same area as O'Porto) and the other (according to a recent article in the Advocate) is now located where the old muni was.


        1. Not sure I see the connection between "I have no idea" and "fresh". The counter person is an hourly employee who doesn't source the fish. While it would be nice for the employee to know, that doesn't impact freshness. The fish at City Fish is perfectly fine and fresh, and the volume of business they do ensures that the product nevers sits too long or gets old.

          Whole Foods is OK, but the prices are not competitive with City Fish. I haven't had much luck with seafood at Stew's except for frozen crab legs.

          1. Definitely give Appletree a whirl, they have some really awesome stuff..