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Aug 20, 2008 06:44 AM

Falmouth dining this weekend

Staying in Falmouth Heights this weekend.
In the mood to stay local and not do alot of driving, so prefer close to downtown Falmouth recommendations, but open to all areas if the food is worth it!

Here is our dining schedule for the weekend...

Cocktails: good martinis before heading for...

Friday night : pizza (like thin crust), pizza quality is paramount, but also
looking for a place w/ a little atmosphere & good wine

Saturday & Sunday Breakfast: one day we'll go for bakery items, the other the full eggs, bacon, etc

Friday & Saturday lunch: high quality sandwiches for the beach

Saturday evening: open to all ideas, prefer places that emphasize local produce, preferably in an area where we can stroll after dinner in shops or for after dinner drink

Thanks for your help!

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  1. On the edge of town on rte 28 a place called Crabapple. Good breakfast in a nice homey atmosphere

    1. For a drink, I'd recommend the Chart Room in Pocasset. It's right on the water, with casual outdoor seating (if you're lucky enough to get it.

      For pizza on Friday night, your best choice by far is the Chapoquit Grill. Very good thin crust pizzas, really nice atmosphere. Beware of long waits--you might want to try calling advance. They also have a nice bar, if you want to have your drinks there beforehand.

      For breakfast, we prefer Moonakis Cafe, on Rte 28 on the way to Mashpee.

      1. I'd second the Chart Room in Pocassett/Cataumet.

        For some of the best fried clams in NE with a great view, the Clam Shack at the entrance to Falmouth Harbor on the opposite side from Falmouth Heights (still Clinton Ave) is a great lunch spot.

        Near to where you are staying is an English Pub and the new Casino Restaurant. I haven't been to either in a few years, but I hear good things about both.

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        1. re: FriedClamFanatic

          "New Casino Restaurant?" Has that place finally re-opened? We used to go to the Wharf for years until it closed. A great location for sure. Has anyone been?

          1. re: winedude

            Saw your recomemndations upon my return, so will try them next time.
            Enjoyed an outside table and a good pizza at Firefly. Fantastic dinner at Osteria La Civetta. Great breakfast at Mary Ellens.

            As far as the Casino...walked past it twice and didn't see a soul. Word is that the restaurant and adjoining condos are duds. Great view but the building just doesn't work. Not sure if its true, but the owner of the guest house where we stayed says they haven't sold one unit.