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Aug 20, 2008 06:44 AM

Thomas' Toasting Corn Bread

I discovered this really good bread while I was in Maine recently. It's a sliced loaf, thicker than regular bread and just lovely as toast with breakfast, or *for* breakfast. It's nicely corny and gets that crisp cornbread quality after toasting. I figured that if a grocery store carried Thomas', they'd have this bread too, but no! I had to call around to see which store had it. It's worth looking for! Here's a link to the Thomas' site for their toasting breads.

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  1. Thomas' also makes an English muffin bread in the "toasting bread" line - I like them both. The corn bread is quite good, but VERY sweet in flavor - folks who are used to a Southern-style, not-sweet cornbread should take this into consideration!

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      Yes, agree about the sweetness, which I don't like in skillet cornbread at all. But I quite like it in the toast. I'll look for the English muffin bread, too. Thanks, Allstonian!

    2. Maybe slightly off topic -- but I remember Thomas's used to make a corn muffin you could put in the toaster. It was sweet and flat. It was also packaged like their English muffins. I wonder if it is hte same thing. I opened this thread thinking that this is what you are referring to. I loved them as a kid, and I haven't seen them in many years.

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        They still make those flat corn muffins. I saw some today. The corn toasting bread is actually a sliced, regular loaf shaped bread. I bought 3 loaves! The link in the opening post should show those corn muffins, and there's a locator so you can find them in your zip code area.

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          I remember having those as a kid too. They were really good!

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            They're called Toast-R-Cakes, and they're still available in every supermarket I know in metro NYC.