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Aug 20, 2008 06:35 AM


Having been to at least half a dozen bbq joints over the past three months in places like NC, Oklahoma, Tennessee, New York and Florida...all with pedigrees beyond lunch yesterday at Chubbies in Emmittsburg MD continues to be the benchmark of real BBQ.

getting a 1/2lb of pulled pork...(do people know the difference betrween pulled and shredded?)...covered with black smoky bark...a little melted fat, a couple of burt edges...and moist warm it was just wonderful. The bbq sauces...real bbq not flavored catsup (Ketchup)...the passion of Tom the BBQ king is clear and precise.

You won;t find any purple basil foam on a grilled hand harvested scallop with virgin roefish caviar and pickled truffle slices balanced on a petit silver spoon at this place.

Its about the food and eating and people

Worth the drive...and if people are visiting the historic is perfectly placed between DC and Gettysburg...

A jewel in the hills of Maryland...

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  1. Well said sodagirl!

    I've been stopping at Chubby's for years on my way back to Rockville from Gettysburg. Have to say that I think their pulled pork platter is the way to go versus ribs. Excellent sauces to accompany "real" smoked meat.

    1. I've been there a couple of times and for me, it's no comparison to some of the better places in the Carolinas. It's maybe on par with Red Hot and Blue, and that ain't sayin' much.

      Let the hate-fest begin.

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        Let me know some of the places in the Carolina's...I've been looking for years...because most BBQ people know that the shredded tasteless BBQ wattered down with sour vinegar is really a bad thing to do to a pig.

        Having eaten just last week at Al and Sons (any idea who they are?)... Carolina BBQ continues to be dry, shredded and my entire life of eating BBQ...never once have I ever seen a piece of bark even near a piece of pork in the Carolina's

        If it wasn't for their Pecan wouldn;t be worth the trip...the homeade ice cream was watery as well

        I eat all over the country and Chubbies absolutely on the highest level and compares with anyone else I have seen... KC, Tennessee, Texas, N/S Carolina, Florida, Texas...all the way to the Dinosaur Cafe in Syracuse one pulls pork better than Chubbies.

        1. re: sodagirl

          Been to Chubbies...once. OK for a stop on the way to antiques in Emmitsburg or a drive to Gettysburg, but "compares to KC or TX"?
          Check out Willards BBQ near Dulles Expo Center, or even Urban BBQ in Rockville.

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. Agreed - stopped by yesterday on the way through and ordered a brisket sandwich to go. Huge, tasty, perfectly cooked, and the BBQ sauce was outstanding. Definitely worth the stop and yeah, I know from BBQ!

          1. I agree, after that long dead drive on 15 Chubbies is a nice tasty stop in the middle of nowhere. Nice shopping outlet in Gettysburg, and Fredneck has some franchise joints. They do give you a plate full, and it does hit the spot. But it aint great by Q hound standards. There is No killer Q in Fred, Carrol, or Monkey County. Mostly mall food. Think of a Q oasis in a bleak Q landscape and you have Chubbies. A very welcome site indeed. Honestly what can you do, except enjoy what you have available? If it is all you got, it's great. For close to NC style pork Try Harris Teeter. But you wont get as much as you will get at Chubbies!!!! Chub will make you chubby.