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Aug 20, 2008 06:15 AM

Jfood needs help in MSP

Jfood will be spending a bunch of time in Edina/Eden Prairie and is interested in understanding the food choices he will have. He will be camping out in hotels and working like a dog but will have time to explore a bit for some local chow.

Could jfood's midwest brethren help this old dog in his quest for some good food while he travels to this beautiful part of the US?


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  1. How far is jfood willing to drive and will he have a car? "Local" chow around the Edina/Eden Prairie border is more franchise or even franchise-like than it is local. If limiting yourself to that area, though, I'd recommend Campiello and Woody's. Nearby is Kincaid's, which always gets voted as one of the Top 5 restaurants, but wouldn't be one of my top 5 choices.

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    1. re: Brad Ballinger

      Car - yes.

      To be honest, jfood is not even sure how far these two towns are from downtown but he would like to keep the drives <20 minutes if possible..

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. Unless you're leaving right at 5pm, all of Minneapolis proper and the inner-ring suburbs are 20 min from Eden Prairie. St. Paul is only 30 minutes. Use the car and use Google maps and you'll have a good time. MSPD hit the best choices for EP and Edina.

      2. OK...let's see if MSPD can match the stylistic acumen of jfood.

        MSPD might not be so fast to whisk jfood out of Edina. When MSPD travels for work, MSPD often enjoys noshing in the hotel room instead of full-on dining out. MSPD likes some of the noshing opportunities presented by places in Edina, especially out of the "50th and France" area of Edina (at 50th and France Avenue). The Premier Cheese Shop is the most noteworthy stop. MSPD recommends some time to nibble on cheese and strolling around the area (especially if jfood is looking for a little trinket or something to bring back to Mrs. jfood if such a person exists). Also do a search for Broder's Pasta Bar which is roughly in that area.

        MSPD also likes to send MSPD's friends over to Patrick's Bakery off of Penn Avenue. They not only have nice French bakery stuff, but also some delicious savory foods and frou-frou burgers that MSPD has been wanting to try for a long time and about which he has heard great things.

        MSPD also recommends ignoring the haters and going to Punch Pizza if you're in that part of Eden Prairie and enjoy neapolitan pizza and/or nice salads. The pizzas are appropriately sized for solo consumption. MSPD also thinks the bar at Redstone (the first location of a very small, but expanding local chain) is a good place to have a meal. When not on an expense account MSPD thinks the prices are on the wrong side of the price-to-value ratio (e.g. $14 burgers and sandwiches, etc.) but ignoring the price, it's a safe place with good food, a handful of TVs to entertain the solo diner and lots of people far prettier than MSPD (good people watching).

        MSPD likes the car so MSPD agrees that no visit to MSP is complete without enjoying our beautiful downtown. Do get down there and circle Lake Calhoun, take in the bustling Uptown (Lake/Hennepin Ave interection) and work your way up into downtown Mpls. MSPD would also encourage more specific inquiries...any specific things you enjoy and/or are looking for?

        Welcome and I hopes you have a good visit.

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        1. re: MSPD


          Very, very helpful. Thank you so much.

          Will give a little thought and perform a little research and revert with more specific questions.


        2. If you like BBQ you might want to try an out of the way place in Eden Prairie - Baker's Ribs.

          Want a good hamburger? The Lion's Tap would be the place in Eden Prairie.

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          1. re: Davydd

            jfood went to both websites, thank you. does bakers ribs have a restaurant or is it just catering? how about to-go as well?

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              The Eden Prairie Baker's Ribs has a dining area. Service is cafeteria style. I should add the owner of Roadhouse Bar-B-Que sauce sold in Lund's, Byerly's and Kowalski's thinks Baker Ribs is the best BBQ in the Twin Cities and he has tried them all. He's the expert. I'm not.

          2. Jfood comes to MSP! what fun!!!

            unfortunately edina/eden prairie are not really my stomping grounds. from what i know & understand, eden prairie is extremely chain-y, edina is quite a bit better, with some established chowish places. i would absolutely trust all of MSPD's recs, as he has yet to steer me wrong. i can second patrick's bakery, broder's deli, and punch-- i know you are quite fussy about your hometown pizza, Jfood, the neapolitan style will be a change of pace, but hopefully a delicious one.

            i love lion's tap, it's a very unique and venerable, locally famous burger place, but it's kinda truck-stoppy, if you know what i mean. i don't know if i can picture the person i picture Jfood being, hanging out and having a burger in that kind of environment, but otoh it might be fun--they do have some good burgers if you are out that way, & have appropriate expectations, who knows. . .

            i do know enough about the western suburbs' roadways to know that the newly completed 312 highway is an extremely quick route to get into minneapolis proper, and depending on where you are in edina, south minneapolis and uptown's offerings are all within reach. i strongly suggest coming further into the city for several evening meals, to where the true deliciousness is! depending on how long you will be staying, you can enjoy several very very good fine dining meals downtown/uptown. on the cheap eats/lunches front, vietnamese/se asian, mexican, & east african are cuisines MSP does very well. MSP is also very locovore-ish and i'd rec a visit to one of our restaurants that specializes in local game, veggies, cheese, and other fine local food products.

            i don't know about your timeline, but two big events are about to happen in MSP-- the state fair, and the republican natl. convention in st. paul. the fair would be an absolute hoot to visit, particularly if you've never been to a midwestern state fair. scads of foods tending toward the deep-fried and silly, but it's possible to eat well and deliciously there, & your friends at home will be so jealous! LOL! on the flip side of the coin, & without trying to get political at all, it's safe to say the RNC will clog up traffic and finer restaurants on that side of the river, with overflow into mpls-- the further west you stay, the better your odds of a quiet dinner.

            welcome! i await the specific questions you'll post, Jfood, & will help as much as i am able. :)