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Ground Turkey in Toronto

Hi Everybody:

I'm trying to find ground turkey in the Danforth area - I've tried Cumbrae's, Rowe Farms, Sun Valley, IGA and Loblaws to no avail. It seems to be the holy grail of ingredients. I found it on Google at Longo's but it's pretty far away (York Mills and Leslie). Anyone know of something closer?



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  1. Nortown's, a butcher on Eglinton just west of Bathurst.

    1. It's in the frozen food section (vacuum sealed) at Cumbraes. It's also sold at Loblaws with the other ground meat.

      1. They always have it at the No Frills I shop at (Sherbourne) and the Valumart at Bay and Bloor usually has it.

        1. Wow, you'd think it would be easy to find. I remember getting some at Sobeys, north on Broadview a few months ago.

          1. I don't know if this is your idea of closer, but Whitehouse Meats (I go to the St. Lawrence Market location) always seems to have fresh ground turkey. They'll even vacuum pack it if you're planning to freeze it for future use. Good luck!

            1. Fresh from the Farm on Donlands near Sammon Ave. always has ground turkey as well as turkey sausage. It is really good quality. You can even call ahead and ask to have a few set aside for you.

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                Hi merlot143,

                Can you tell me the deal at Fresh from the Farm. I though everything had to be pre-ordered on certain days there. Do they have an inventory of fresh and / or frozen meats?

                Thanks for you help.

                1. re: Mila

                  Yep, they always have a freezer full of frozen meat and some fresh meats and sausages in the fridge cases. So if you haven't ordered anything in advance, you can still pop in and grab something. I just bought a coil of mild Italian sausage the other day and it was amazing. I generally prefer more kick, but the sausage was so lean and tasty, it didn't matter.

                  1. re: TorontoJo

                    Thanks for the info. My non "A" type personality has been trying to get organized to order from them for over 2 years. Now I'll just drop by.

                    1. re: Mila

                      p.s. it's just south of O'Connor, not near Sammon (not far, but closer to O'Connor/Cosburn)

                      Also, if you go on Saturdays, they have a small, but nice selection of locally grown, hormone free veggies. I had delicious cauliflower and beets this week. Taste like summer.

              2. You should try out Longo's, one of the best grocery stores in Toronto. Their produce is always excellent, top quality meats (and pretty good prices too). They have a great variety of fresh sausages - pork, chicken, turkey. Also very good baking. To top it off, the staff are very pleasant and helpful.

                1. Thanks everybody! Ran over to Sobey's and lo-and-behold there it was. Okay, it was packaged but it'll work for today. Will DEFINITELY try out Fresh from the Farm next time.

                  1. I often see it at the IGA, maybe they just ran out. Loblaws at Leslie and Eastern usually has ground turkey also.

                    1. I've found it in just about every grocery store I've been in. I can't imagine what the problem is.


                      1. Whole Foods always has it. White and Dark.