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Aug 20, 2008 05:49 AM

Sushi in south London

I have yet to be convinced of the pleasures of sushi. Maybe I just haven't had any good stuff. Can anyone recommend a good and not too expensive sushi restaurant in south or south-west London - or anywhere near the 319 bus route?

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  1. Hello Jenny,

    New Fujiama in Brixton, the sushi nigri platter is a steal at around £12.

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    1. re: peasouper

      Ichiban Sushi, which is just round the corner, is much better, imo.

    2. I haven't been yet, but I've been told Tsunami, by Clapham North, is really excellent.

      1. hmm, the places in Brixton are OK. nothing special IMO.

        Tsunami in Clapham used to be very good when it opened around 4 years ago. Not so sure now.
        There is a place called Tokaiya (I think) on just by the Junction of Battersea Rise and Northcote Road near Clapham Junction. That was quite good but havent been for ages.

        Best no-nonsence places unfortunatley remain north of the river.. Atari-ya in Central London, Sushi Hiro In Ealing, Sushi Say in Willesden, Saki is pretty decent in Farringdon (so I hear), Tomoe in Marylebone High Street, and the crunchy tuna roll at Pham sushi all spring to mind....