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Aug 20, 2008 05:45 AM

Las Vegas group dining, off-strip???

I've seen earlier posts about group dining on the strip in Las Vegas...anyone have suggestions for great spots off strip? Downtown even? I've got a group of 12 looking to pay around $40-$50 per person. Right now, I have reservations at Hugo's but I'm having doubts after reading more about it. Any better, and if possible, cheaper suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. We've been to Hugo's a couple of times in the past year and had a great meal both times. Granted, it is very old school and if the group's likely to not play along with the fun of old school (i.e. judge it against contemporary dining options in Vegas and elsewhere) it may not be the best pick. Our last visit, there were 6 of us, most of the group professional chefs/consultants and it was a huge hit. Down to the pimento cheese that's on the bar if you choose to have cocktails there first (though with 12 there's not really room enough). Service is great (we've had Michael both visits), wine list is up to snuff, meat quality's very good, we find it a very enjoyable change of pace and scenery from all those options on the Strip. Just not sure how easy it will be to stay under $50 per person, though salad/sides are included in entree price if I remember correctly. So I suppose it's a manageable goal.

    1. are you staying in downtown ? do you have cars ? food preference - steak, italian , chinese , etc ? i assume the budget excludes alcohol ?

      1. I am not a very big fan of Hugo's. If you want to stay downtown, you might consider the Triple George, which is good and fairly priced. I think you could easily stay within your budget there. If you want to go off the strip, you might consider Todd's in Green Valley, really great food, although staying at 50 might be hard with liquor (unless you go on Wednesdays when you can BYO). Another off strip option that actually can be pretty reasonable is Vintner Grill out in Summerlin. Very nice restaurant, popular with locals (on my visits there I've seen the mayor about 60% of the time).