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Aug 20, 2008 05:13 AM

London calling Chicago


Coming to your fanastic city at the end of the month, we have two days, one at Maxwell St Market and Grant Park for the Jazz fest and the other taking in Chess records and maybe the bash on Wabash.

Staying just a little North of the Loop on Dearborn. But we will be going South (in a cab) for Blues. Any suggestions gratefully received.

Pea x

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  1. In the past, Bash on Wabash hasn't been much, particularly as far as food is concerned, but it looks like they've beefed up their music schedule a bit this year:

    Certainly, tho, you'll want to check out Buddy Guy's:

    Some of the better food choices in the area:

    Custom House (High end American
    )Gioco (Tuscan)
    Cuatro (Nuevo Latino)

    1. There is a very good Japanese restaurant right near Grant Park called Oysy, 888 S. Michigan. They have creative rolls and a wide selection of cooked items. They also have a pleasant outdoor seating area facing the park. Try the Oroya wine, which is Spanish and specifically designed for sushi. You can take the CTA Red Line from State and Grand or State and Chicago (depending on the location of your hotel) to Roosevelt and walk north for 2-3 blocks on Michigan Ave. Another option is Chicago Firehouse, 1401 S. Michigan, which has contemporary American cuisine. Enjoy your visit (and the exchange rate). Be sure to walk around Millenium Park, the newest addition to our lakefront.

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        Thanks jwb and jayh!

        Fab suggestions, excited about Cuatro, Custom House and Oysy with a wine recomendation thrown in for good measure. We are heading far South after Chicago, and will be pigging out on BBQ - so might be an idea to a eat lighter in your city. If you ever need any European tips, I'd be happy to help.

        Pea x

        1. re: peasouper

          Was just at Maxwell St. with a group. See photos here:

          And for a more interactive overview, here:

          I will say though that you will likely not need a whole day for the market - a couple hours around lunch time would be plenty IMO.

          Two more recommendations near Millenium Park/South Loop:

          Most of the recommendations so far have been in the loop/south loop area, but you'll be a quick cab ride to many other neighborhoods as well, so no need to limit yourself to that area if there is something else you'd prefer.