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Aug 20, 2008 05:06 AM

coffee and cake downtown

I want to take a few international students out for an afternoon snack downtown tomorrow afternoon. Nothing fancy, just somewhere with a decent vibe and a good dessert selection. They're adults, but students, so it can't be too expensive. Any ideas?

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  1. Dessert Trends Bistro on Harbord at Brunswick. Stunning desserts and excellent coffee. Good tea selection, too. There are also housemade ice creams and gelatos as well. The space is bright and airy and very conducive to a leisurely afternoon snack.

    You can see photos of their desserts here:

    1. 7 west on Charles street is quite nice

      I like the Kalendar Koffee House on College near Bathurst...closest thing to a viennese coffee house that I've found in Toronto. Relaxed vibe.

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        Is 7 West kind of upscale, or is it a little worn around the edges?

      2. Depends on what area downtown and how many students. Kalendar is awesome, but sometimes they will only seat for a meal. I've been turned away from there before looking for only desserts.

        The best selection of coffee, cakes and finger foods has to be Tango Palace Coffee Co. at Queen East and Jones Avenue.

        Le Gourmand is pretty good ( at Richmond and Spadina. Madeleines at Bathurst and Dupont isn't bad either.

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          Keep meaning to go to Tango Palacae. I like the line of muskoka chairs out front. Looks relaxing...hopefully these chairs aren't the designated smoking area.

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            What do you guys think of Just Desserts at Yonge and Wellesley (?) We'll be coming from Yonge and King. Also, I should've said earlier, as they're students on a budget, under $10 pp would be best.

            1. re: ziggystardust

              I haven't been to Just Desserts in years, but it will probably do the trick for a bunch of students. The desserts aren't cheap, though (likely because they serve huge portions), so you might want to call them in advance to find out how much a slice of cake goes for. You might actually find that the smaller, quality desserts at Dessert Trends are cheaper!

        2. How about Lettieri in Yorkville?

          1. What about the Marche at BCE Place? They have coffee and an assortment of cakes (also other desserts) that are affordable and is casual for a large group.