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Aug 20, 2008 04:44 AM

Tiv Taam Hadera- frozen Dim Sum?

Just bought two different kind of steamers to use for fish and rice respectively. Both say on the label that they will work well for Dim Sum; I thought this geographically odd. Were they just imported from China, or is there a chance of me finding frozen shu mai and hum bao at Tiv Taam? Now it's stuck in my head and if I can't find it I may have to learn how to make it...

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  1. I meant the big one in Netanya, sorry!

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      I spoke with Tiv Taam just now and was notified they are missing frozen Dim Sum due thier supplier. (usually they do keep some variety of DS)

      You may try and contact Teddy 054-6212098, she operates a Dim Sum catering and maybe can sell you or direct you to your desire.