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Jul 14, 2003 06:32 PM

Fora in Naples

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While leaving Limerick's pub, came across a recently opened neighborhood style restaurant named "Fora" on 2nd Street in the Naples area of Long Beach. Menu looked intriguing and reasonably priced. Has anyone been there as yet? Any opinions?

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  1. Fora's a terrific choice for an intimate special-event dinner ... a wedding anniversary, birthday, anything of the sort. My husband and I celebrated anniversary #19 there last night, and truly enjoyed our choices. I chose this appetizer of an ahi tuna tower -- ahi, avocado, mango, topped with blood orange vinaigrette and cilantro, with artfully placed dollops of wasabi and soy-ginger sauce. At $9, it's a surprisingly decent deal, given the obvious craftwork and care put into its assembly.

    The BYOB night freed us to take along a bottle of the '98 Calera Pinot Noir we'd had waiting. Far too tannic, rough, unbalanced, and fruitbomb-ish for us when we had a bottle of the juice for our 15th, it evolved as a gorgeous, velvety beauty brimming with black cherries, stewed prunes, ginger, pepper, smoke, and soft earth.

    The main courses, you ask? Wonderful. Thirty dollars get you a savory piece of roast tenderloin topped with Maytag bleu cheese and a caramelized shallot demiglace. Simple but elegant are the sides, perfect al dente green beens and silky mashed Yukon Gold potatoes oozing garlic and butter.(Yes, the potatoes are topped by a single baked potato chip with a piece of Italian parsley baked into it. Cool, huh?)

    My better half also opted for beef, choosing the $25 USDA prime flat-iron steak. Cooked perfectly to his taste -- medium to medium-well -- it's accompanied by a side of creamy polenta and spinach.

    No way did we pass on dessert ... not when we learned that a dark chocolate pots de creme was on the menu!.

    The entire repast was $83 and change, before a tip ... which my BH correctly offered 20 percent, as the service is everything you'd want it to be: gentle, helpful, considerate, warm, with each of our three courses ideally timed.

    What else can I say? Call for a reservation, and enjoy: [url][/url].

    ~ Jan

    1. Here are a few pics of the courses themselves.

      ~ Jan