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Aug 20, 2008 12:38 AM

Iced Coffee

I'm wondering if anyone knows of any place that has really good iced coffee in lower westchester. Someone told me Lange's in Bronxville. I was at Dunkin Donuts today and realized how much I really despise the bitter taste of their coffee. Don't say Starbucks, because to me they don't serve coffee, they serve image, and image tastes like cat urine.

Does anyone serve a nice, strong, decent sized iced coffee for a reasonable price?

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  1. My absolute FAVORITE is the iced coffee at the coffee shop (Seattle's Best Coffee) at Borders Bookstore in Eastchester on route 22!!! i go outta my way to avoid Dunkin Donuts to get it!!

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      Let me first off say that if you've ever read my reviews of anything, I don't really get caught up in service, but I have to make a point. I went in on a day that was about 95 degrees. I was shopping for a gift and after buying my gift I noticed nobody was on line and decided to make a quick dash over and grab an iced coffee. Now remind you this place has the milk, sugar, etc on the side so you can help yourself. I think I waited about 3 minutes for my coffee as the young man (not a kid) looked utterly confused. With the temperature what it was, I doubt I was the first one who ordered and iced coffee, but for whatever reason he was dumbfounded. He finally gives me my coffee and takes my money and after some serious mathematical deliberation gave me my change. Maybe it was because I was a little annoyed, maybe it was the coffee, but honestly, it tasted like Starbucks to me. AND I HATE STARBUCKS!

    2. Does Coffee Labs on Main Street in Tarrytown count as lower Westchester? Their coffee is delicious!

      1. there is a little place in larchmont on east ave, i don't remember the name, but a friend of mine used to live right across the street. they have killer ice coffee.

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          1. re: momof3

            i have to disagree. i find david's coffee over roasted with a slightly bitter taste.

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              I was only suppling the name, sorry I didn't mean to imply a recommendation, I've never been there.

        1. FYI it's really quite easy to make your own exceptional iced coffee at home. Cold press method is extremely coursely ground coffee with room temp water for 24 hours or so, then strain and chill and enjoy! Super smooth idea for next heat wave!