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Aug 20, 2008 12:07 AM

Seattle recs - near Space Needle/Museums

Hi, after day at the EMP, Children's Museum, and Space Needle any recs for dinner nearby? Have car so will drive for decent food. With toddler so dinner will be early 530-6pm-ish. TIA

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  1. A place we used to eat was Pepo De Pipo or something like that used to have excellent garlic mashed potatoes. just west of the center

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          Do NOT go to Buca di Beppo for a taste of Seattle. Your toddler will probably be very happy, but it is a chain and has nothing to offer of interest that is chow-worthy.

    1. Monorail (Wheeee!) to the Pike/Pine street area, which is rich in dining opportunities. I've only been in town a couple of months, but have had really good experiences in that neighborhood at:

      The Pink Door (, a neat restaurant in Post Alley near Pike Place Market.

      Palace Kicthen (5th Ave. & Lenora), again, good food, and not as far to walk from the Monorail.

      1. I would go for Crow if you want great food. Mashed potato cake and roasted chicken/green beans should be good for the kid!

        1. Ended up at Palace Kitchen. Amazing meal! Starter of heirloom tomato salad. Entrees of Palace Burger Royale (convinced Hubby to order it and it did not disappoint! delicious!) and whole idaho trout grilled over applewood with a special side request of sauted chanterelles with heirloom tomatoes and yukon gold mashed potatoes (I enjoyed the side more than the fish ;) ). Dessert peach tart with blackberry compote and peach ice cream. Excellent service and would definitely come back next time in Seattle!

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            Thanks for reporting back. Glad you had a good meal. PK never disappoints!