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Aug 19, 2008 11:29 PM

Best Albuquerque eats near I-25 Jefferson exit?

I will be staying in the hotel area near the movie complex at the Jefferson exit on I-25. The only recommended place in the area I found was Pars Middle Eastern food. Anywhere else good in the immediate area? I won't have a car. Any type of food is okay, as long as it's not a national chain.
thanks in advance.

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  1. Wow, that is chain central! How far can you walk/willing to walk?

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    1. re: DebitNM

      I don't mind walking 30 minutes or so, if that will get me somewhere.

    2. I hope you will give up your prejudice against national chains. We have always avoided chains. The first time we learned our prejudice was mistaken was when we first dined at Pappadeux in Austin, Texas. The Albuquerque branch of that chain is, indeed, at I-25 and Jefferson. Some other chains worthy of consideration are The Ruth Chris' Steakhouses, and some of Thomas Keller's expansions, such as Bouchon, which are in Napa Valley and Las Vegas.
      Where you will be staying, at I-25 and Jefferson, there is also a Carraba's, where we enjoy the mussel appetizer and a decent marinara sauce.
      Although this is certainly not Paris, if you order carefully, it is still possible to dine well.

      1. Chama River Brewing Co is by far your best bet. Excellent beers, broad menu that is pretty darned good, though I liked the food better before they changed the location from Blue Corn.

        1. Definitely Chama River Brewing Co! Maybe somebody else can help here--- but I thought I read the place that was The Cup for a short while is now owned by the Scalo people. Anybody know anything about that? There's also a sushi place over there, but I forget the name.