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Aug 19, 2008 11:09 PM


Been wanting to try it and finally got a chance this past week.

Nice space

Sorta rude, arrogant host/hostesses...waitress was great, though.

Excellent wine list.

Bread was bad...cottony, no crust.

Food was fine. Nothing more, nothing less. I'd read about Mushroom salad in NYT - its mixed leaf salad with a bunch of sauteed mixed mushrooms. I could've made this at home.

Two other dishes, and desert were all edible.

Don't really get the hype or excitement over this place - it's a good local restaurant. Certainly not "detour" worthy.

If I lived in Cheviot Hills/Beverlywood/CC, I might return.

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  1. We had the same experience with the staff. Horrible, nasty, rude hostess; excellent waitress. When we complained to the waitress, she apologized and said that she was amazed that they keep the hostess because everybody complains. Must be somebody's relative or significant other.

    1. The host (Thierry Perez, who is also the owner of the place) is a rude, arrogant punk. I think he has real problem with Americans. Too bad Jason Trevi (chef) is a partner with this guy. They opened another restaurant together in Santa Monica, which I anticipate will get the same poor reviews for service as Fraiche gets

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        I think that mushroom salad is subtle and wonderful, if you can cook that kudos to you

      2. I second the sentiment. Quite underwhelmed and unappreciated by the staff.

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          Interesting comments about the FOH issue there -- we live nearby and so it is something of a "neighborhood" place for us though we have been maybe 10 times (and Riva twice--the food is very good, really-- I really like Riva's pizza with meatballs) -- we have never found the French host Perez or the hostess rude, though we have friends who have vowed to go never go back due to their attitude. The people I know who have had issues with attitude usually were walk-ins, wanted a specific table and were somewhat brusquely told they "could take it or leave it" if they didn't want to sit where they were put. We have always made reservations, and if not, are happy to sit at the bar where you get better service I think than at the tables (that's really my only complaint -- service is spotty, particularly this past easter when they were clearly understaffed).

          You know I hate to say it, but after having been in Paris this last winter, the French are the French -- you need to make a bit of an effort with them, but it's worth it. Sometimes people don't realize how arrogant they may appear to others, especially others from cultures that have their own culture of arrogance. I save that "tude for the parking garage after I leave Fraiche, which is a crazed place.

          1. re: NAspy

            i was given the same tude there even though i HAD a reservation and had the open table print-up to prove it.

            although the food was very good, the experience as a whole wasn't good enough to motivate me to return.

            1. re: westsidegal

              Was there last night. Sat on the patio at the last 2-top left. No reservations.

              Here's my take:

              Excellent neighborhood place. Great quality food, artfully prepared and generally delicious. Had flat iron steak (perfect), risotto w/ bacon, English peas and lemon peel (awesome, somehow subtle), and the burrata/speck app. (no complaints). Good beer on tap (started w/ an "O", can't remember much more).

              Totally snooty hostesses, hit/miss waitstaff (ours was wonderful last night, for example - I tipped >20% because we were just blown away at her perfection).

              Res/no res, you're often stuck w/ a terrible table if there are two of you, because while they nicely space the 4-tops, they crowd the 2-tops so you're on top of your neighbors. We've sat at the bar w/ success (it was Happy Hour last night, so we passed this time).

              Is it one of the best of L.A.? Of course not. Is it a good local (CC/Fairfax) option? Sure. Just hope to get lucky w/ seating. Plus, lots of options on that stretch of Culver, so if they give you attitude or a lousy table, leave (as we have!).