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Aug 19, 2008 10:14 PM

ISO Lunch Stop Between HNL and North Shore, Oahu

We'll be arriving into HNL around 3pm on a Wednesday, picking up a car and driving straight to Oahu's North Shore, near the Turtle Bay Resort. Can anyone recommend a quick lunch stop on the way? Plate lunch or the like is fine, but we would prefer to stop before Haleiwa.

TIA for your suggestions.

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  1. Byrons Drive-In is right there, old style plate lunch, a couple of blocks from the airport. The specials are usually good. I'd recommend Da Big Kahuna, but by that late in the afternoon the bread just isn't as fresh, etc. You could also hit Shiro's in Aiea for some local kine saimin.

    Byrons: Paiea Street just before you hit Nimitz

    Shiros Saimin Heaven: Kamehameha Hwy between Kanuku and Hekaha

    1. On the way to the North Shore you will be passing right through Wahiawa, near Schofield Barracks. In Wahiawa, there is Molly Smokehouse on Kamehameha Highway for decent barbeque, they serve a pretty good brisket sandwich there. Shige's Saimin on Kukui Street, just off Kam Highway in a strip mall is a popular local place for saimin and burgers. Another local favorite, actually a Wahiawa institution, is Dot's on Mango Street. It's been around for decades, serving local style plates, beef stew, sizzling hamburger steak, etc.