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Aug 19, 2008 10:07 PM

Good place to buy wine/beer

I'm looking for a good place in TO / Hamilton / Waterloo to buy good local wines (Niagara wines? Any recommendations?) and maybe a place that might have some beer from Halifax... Anyone know if there are any places that might carry these?

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  1. If you're looking for specific products that you know the name of, just go to, search, then narrow down the location to see what stores near you have it in their inventory.

    1. Are you from Ontario? With a few exceptions (local wineries, etc.) all alcohol here is purchased through the LCBO or Beer Store.

      1. Welcome to Ontario. Don't let others fool you. We're very friendly people here. Now to your question.

        If you're looking for one location that has the greatest selection, there are two LCBO's in Toronto that have more than any other. One is known as Cooper St located on Queen's Quay between Yonge and Jarvis. That locale has the best selection in terms of sheer volume and variety. The other is Summerhill located on Yonge St between Summerhill & Roxborough. It's #'s are competitive with the Cooper St Mother Store. However if you're looking for a liquor store that has plenty of eye appeal it's Summerhill.

        1. re: Beer from Halifax - sadly, the only one currently available in Ontario is Keith's. And whether the Keith's sold up here is even brewed out east is up for debate. Either way, it's crap wherever it's brewed.

          Propeller is represented in Ontario by import agents Roland + Russell, but they only sell it via private orders or to licensees (bars & restaurants). They've submitted their Porter and Bitter to the LCBO for consideration, but as of now, they're not yet available there.