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Aug 19, 2008 09:52 PM

On the Cape Cod...big sea food dinner tomorrow (wednesday)

So I'm down on the Cape with some friends. tonight/tomorrow (wednesday). we're getting:
Oysters, Mussels, Clams, and Lobsters. we're going to show case each on its own.
Oysters. well, a little lemon juice and perhaps some cocktail sauce, but really just some lemon. UNLESS, someone has a simply-must-try vinegrette!
Clams. I want to do a simply pasta dish. looked up a bunch on-line, but none really grabbed me, especially with FRESH clams. sadly, i dont have my cook books down here! :( So, if you know of a quick, and tasty recipe, PLEASE send it my way!
Mussels. something with lots of garlic, tomatoes, red wine, red pepper......parsley....grilled bread.....anything I'm missing?
Lobster... BUTTER

hope to here from someone soon!

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  1. This should help with the clam pasta dish:

    I like making a mignonette sauce for oysters.

    1. How about oyster shooters - raw oyster, good vodka, shotglass, bit of horseradish, clamato juice (OK OK you CAN use tomato), worcestershire, tobasco followed by a gulp.

      I love mussels in a tomato marinara.
      Another option (although more work) can be a mussel on the half shell appetizer. Preecook, chill, and scoop into one side of the shell, top with a zesty pico de gallo of your choice, arrange, and voila.

      Alas, I haven't done a pasta sauce with fresh clams.

      1. I may be able to help with the clams, but it depends what type you are buying...steamers, littlenecks, quahogs, cherrystones?

        1. Ahh, memories of summers on Martha's Vineyard...

          This is one of the recipes we did a lot since the guys would always go clamming and we'd end up eating clams all week in different variations. This was one of the most popular, and also the easiest:

          Garlicky Grilled Clams

          Melt a couple of sticks of butter, and add chopped garlic and minced parsley (sometimes I'd add some white wine and/or extra virgin olive oil).

          Rinse clams (cherrystones/littlenecks) well of grit, and/or soak overnight in salted water with a bit of corn meal. Put clams on a medium-hot grill and remove to a bowl as they open. Pour garlic butter over, and toss to coat.

          For mussels, this thread has some good ideas, and also a link to my favorite spicy Thai mussels:

          Mussels - what's your favorite way to cook them?