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Aug 19, 2008 08:25 PM

Austin Chowhound dinner??


I noticed that some of the hounds in other cities have organized dinner get togethers to check places out.

I know this group tried a lunch at Asia cafe I believe it was.

I would love to be part of a dinner group since I don't get a lunch break.

Maybe amysue or mph or some of the other longtimers can start us off.

Not trying to pass the buck by any means, just thought we might get a better response if it was a longer time poster.

If there is enough interest and no one else wants to organize, I'll be happy to handle the details.

If you are interested in getting together for a dinner during the week respond here and I'll get a list going.

Let's get our eat on!

    1. go for it !

      i would hope the interest level would be there regardless of the organizer being a longtimer or not. i'm always interested.

      (just keep in mind the strict laws and regulations here in Lefflandia regarding organizing these things -- ie, we are to take it off-line)

      ps. there was also another gathering we had at Madam Mam's which was very enjoyable -- lots of lively conversation and some good grub

      1. I'd be interested in a dinner! Full disclosure: I'm the food writer for the Statesman and have been hosting happy hours to get to know people in the Austin food community since I took over the job in May. I organize them through Twitter only (I'm @broylesa), so maybe that's a place to start to get a dinner together.

        I'll keep an eye on this thread to see if anyone else is interested...

        1. Definitely interested!

          1. Having co-produced the Asia Cafe meeting, and having been harassed by the Chow-police for not always saying things they way they want, I'd advise you to follow the rules in terms of organizing will need one member who will field the email RSVPs, etc.

            Here are the suggestions from the CH Etiquette post at the top of this board....


            Hounds on many different boards have organized dinners and other gatherings and they're always a lot of fun--plus the reports after are great chow tips!

            We have a couple of guidelines we ask organizers to follow in order to keep the focus of the boards on chow talk and not on RSVPs and other organizational details. The main guideline is that posts to the boards should be announcements (and followup reports!) only--all discussion, scheduling and RSVPing should happen off the boards.

            The way most people handle this is by posting an initial announcement to their local board with an email address for people to contact if they're interested in getting together for a Chowhound dinner. If you use the 'report' link on that announcement, you can ask us to sticky it to the top of the appropriate board so it doesn't fall off the front page.

            They then use email (some cities even have established Google or Yahoo groups or listservs, etc, for scheduling dinners) to discuss the specifics of where and when to meet.

            Please don't mention Chowhound when making reservations or arrangements with the restaurant for your chowdown. As with any other posts on Chowhound, chowdown reviews should represent a normal guest experiencing the restaurant like any other customer. If hounds have received special treatment because of their participation on the site, we will be unable allow any discussion or reviews of the event to be posted.

            Once the group has decided on a concrete plan, you can post a second announcement to the boards, with the specific details, again, including an email address so people can RSVP offline. If you 'report' that one, we'll sticky it in place of the original thread.

            Then, once your dinner has happened, start a new thread so people can report back on what they ate and whether it was delicious so other hounds can benefit from your experiences. Please send us an email at to let us know that your event is finished so we can unsticky the announcement (just reporting it again doesn't work, unfortunately).

            Also, please keep in mind that these member planned events are all unofficial and totally driven by members. Chowhound isn't a sponsor or an organizer, and we can't offer any support or accept any responsibility for any problems that might arise.

            The Chowhound Team Sep 25, 2007 01:58PM