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Aug 19, 2008 08:19 PM

The old Grone Cafeteria in St. Louis

Does anyone know what cut of beef they used for their roast beef? It was on the menu daily and consistantly excellent. I would buy it to go by the pound.

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  1. I don't know -- I've never heard of Grone Cafeteria.

    Not wanting to hijack the thread, but speaking of cafeteria's, does anyone else mourn the demise of Miss Hulling's? We'd all go on Friday evenings after picking up my dad at his office. I'd always get the prime rib, I remember he liked the fried scallops. But gosh, seeing that title brought back memories. If anyone has any photos of Miss Hulling's I'd love to get a copy!

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      I still miss Ms Hullings. The Apted family-which owned Miss Hullings--own the Creve Couer Racquet Club. The clubhouse food Caesar Salad and their signature Beef Barley soup reminds me a little of Miss Hullings.

    2. Sure don't know the answer to this but I worked at the Grone Cafeteria (not on Woodson but in Yorkshire Plaza) for several years while in college. Good folks. Little Lou Grone, the baker, made the BEST dinner rolls. If I close my eyes, I can smell them right now. It was a sad day when it closed - lots of the retired folks in the area really depended on it for a decent meal and some socialization.

      1. Hey Robt..just read your question.My dad, Allen, worked for Grone's (they're my cousins) for 50 years. Dad was the one who carved the all the meats. He started out at the original Grone's at Lafayette and Grand. Great place! Anyway, Daddy used to bring home beef to us..yes, it was super wonderful. From what I remember he said that it was top round beef that they slow cooked. In fact, Dad would come home at night and his clothes would smell like the beef..LOL! I loved it though! I so miss Grone's, as I live in Minnesota now. After my Dad passed away suddenly in 84, our family had a difficult time going many memories. My favorite was their haddock with their homemade tartar sauce..Oh myyyy! And their homemade pies!

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          Thaniks, its only been seven months. I knew I'd hear something eventually. It was excellent! Most all their food was, a little lacking in atmosphere though unless you are 80 plus..... I'm going to try and duplicate the beef.

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            Annie, Do you or anyone else have a picture of Grone's Cafeteria on Lafayette and Grand? I am looking for one for use in a personal Memoir - would be wonderful to find one!