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Aug 19, 2008 07:37 PM

Carrol's Creek--What's Delicious?

I'm going to Annapolis for the first time with my boyfriend over Labor Day Weekend. We have a reservation Saturday night at Carrol's Creek to celebrate my bf's birthday and our 2 year anniversary.

I'm pretty excited for our meal. I wanted a restaurant with classic Maryland fare, especially heavy on the seafood. I made the reservation around sunset so we can enjoy an outdoor meal on the deck while watching the boats.

But on to the food----what's good there? How are the crabcakes? I love a well made crabcake and after scoping out their menu this seems like a good choice considering I'm in Maryland :) Any recent reviews?


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  1. I can't suggest anything for dinner but I went there for a fantastic brunch a while back. I recall the salmon being a bit dry but everything else was delicious. Be sure to find a good spot outside. The view is wonderful.

    1. Because this is a special night, make sure you get a table with an umbrella. The sun, on its descent can be pretty blinding if you can't adjust the umbrella. Of course my experience was much earlier in the year. We sat at the narrow end of the deck nearest the bridge.

      The scallop app was good and pretty to look at.