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Aug 19, 2008 07:19 PM

Good Thai near Ravinia?

We're headed to Ravinia Wednesday night from the western suburbs. We were hoping to pick up some good Thai to enjoy during the show and wondered if anyone is familiar with a good Thai restaurant in the general vicinity of Ravinia??


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  1. I live near the park and we enjoy Thai food a great deal. One restaurant is Pacific Rim which is located on Skokie Blvd. just west and south of the park. If you drive east on Lake Cook Road towards the park you would take a right on Skokie and go to the end of the shopping center on the left. It is at the far South end. It is a pan Asian restaurant and they do have some nice Thai dishes such as Pad Sie You, Pad Thai and curry dishes. You can also add Chinese, Japanese or Korean fare. They do a wonderful take out service as well. Other Thai restaurants are in downtown Highland Park (Yummy Bowl) with really exc. Chinese and Thai food and a newer restaurant which is located next to Nick's Fishmarket in the shopping center just west of Deerbrook. But I cannot remember the name. Good luck. Don

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      I moved to Highland Park from the city a year ago and the best Thai place I've found up here is the new one mentioned by dlpens - it's called Thai Thai and is in the strip mall at 475 Lake Cook Road in Deerfield (less than a 10 minute drive from there to Ravinia). We've had take-out from there twice already and it was really good. Have fun!

    2. Thanks for the great suggestions... we ended up doing carry-out from Thai Thai. Fresh spring rolls, pad thai chicken, chicken rama & extra peanut sauce. The restaurant is decorated quite nice... has a very peaceful feel to it. The owners are very nice & accommodating. We were quite pleased with the choices... the chicken was cut into larger than normal pieces, which may be what kept them so moist. Spring rolls were very fresh & full. The only concern I had was that the peanut sauce (which I love) had a funny taste to it... like maybe it had been sitting around a day or 2 too long. That would not keep me from going back there though.

      Just an fyi.... because of city regulations, they are no longer able to offer BYOB.

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        Glad you liked it! Hopefully you're feeling ok today. :)

      2. Thai Thai on Lake Cook and Deerfield is fairly new and I have heard mixed reviews.

        I like this place called Yummy Bowl in Highland Park.