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Aug 19, 2008 07:12 PM

Bars with good, or at least good for what it is, food.

What are your favorite bars, that are primarily bars, but also happen to have good, or at least plenty good enough, food?

The two that, to me, epitomize what I'm asking, are Chez Jay and Gary Bric's Ramp. I suppose The Prince in Koreatown might also qualify. I'd love to find such a place with really good Mexican or any other sort of "ethnic" non-American comfort food. (Sorry, but El Cholo, El Coyote and Antonio's don't cut it. For one, they've got bad Mexican food. For two, they're restaurants with bars rather than the other way around.)

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  1. Father's Office certainly qualifies (remember, the L.A. branch serves hard liquor).

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      Add Bar Mamont to that list, I have never had a problem with restaurants with good bars though. It's easy to forget there's a restaurant attached; Arnie Mortons, Water Grill, Lucques...

    2. village idiot? i like their food.

      e3rd steakhouse in little tokyo, and Tapas & Bar C in Little Tokyo both qualify. Although you need to go to either fairly late (after 8:30) for them to feel more bar-like.

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        I agree - Village Idiot is my favorite

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          I love the village idiot, also redwood bar and grill

        2. I'm a big fan of Mo's over in Playa del Rey, right at the big 5-way intersection just before the end of Culver. Their chicken fingers with hot sauce & ranch are very tasty, and I love the turkey melt there. If they've got the polish sausage sandwich on special, I'm also a very happy boy.

          That reminds me, I've gotta go there again.

          Not so much on the ethnic, though.

          1. does 3rd Stop kinda count?

            1. I'm not much of a bar person, but I have had an excellent hamburger at Hinano's right near Venice Beach on Washington. It's a total dive bar, but really friendly people.