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Aug 19, 2008 07:09 PM

Duarte good eats

I have a friend and his wife that are moving to Duarte about Sept 1st. I need general rec's for that area as I know nothing at all about Duarte. Also there are farmers markets that you know of, food fests etc..Any rec's to make the friends happy. They are being forced out of the bay area because of downsizing at work.

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  1. The next little community over in Glendora there is:

    And about 6.5 miles west at teh San Gabriel location they can step back in time at:

    1. One of my favorite places in Duarte is Janet's Mediterranean Food on Huntington as well as Young's Gourmet (Chinese) in the same shopping center - both really good Chowhound stuff. Nearby, Monrovia Farmers Market on Friday night is a must! Alfredos near Target has good inexpensive Mexican food. There also some good places in downtown Monrovia as well.

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        I am not particularly fond of Young's Gourmet. They use the same sauce and cooking style for too many dishes (a generic brownish sauce). Janet's is pretty good. Here are some other recommendations:

        La Paloma (Duarte): hole-in-the-wall Mexican place with great gorditas and tacos.
        RoastyToasty (Duarte): Great rotisserie chicken
        Joe's Place (Duarte): Pretty good sandwiches in a comfy atmosphere
        Peach Cafe (Monrovia): Great sandwiches
        Chang's Bistro (Monrovia): Decent Thai
        Java Go Go (Monrovia): Great wraps. Formerly known as Wraps 360.
        Monrovia Family Restaurant (Monrovia): Another hole in the wall. Excellent carne asada.
        El Matador (Irwindale): awesome burritos

        Here is some more information:

      2. for middle eastern food:

        1525 E Huntington Dr
        Duarte, CA 91010

        we were taken there by armenian friends. very good. the outdoor atmosphere is perfect in the summer. BYOB. parking lot looks like a BMW/Mercedes dealer. hookah was fun. do the green apple. we really liked the kibbeh, roasted chicken, quail, frogs legs and the mezze plate which was plenty of food for a party of six.

        a find.

        1. Monrovia is the closest farmer's market on Friday nights along Myrtle Ave, north of Huntington.

          In Duarte, try Villa Italia in the Target center for good Italian. Joe's Place in the Big Lots center is a good sandwich place. J&A Cafe in the Mike's Foods center is a good hole-in-the wall breakfast place. There are a number of other good places just to the west on Myrtle in Monrovia. Rudy's for Mexican, Cafe Mundial, Bella Sera, Chang Thai to name a few.

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            Yes! The Farmer's Market is great - lots of fresh produce, breads, dips, etc. but they also have a lot of vendors selling jewelery, bath items, clothes, pretty much whatever you want! Music and food - BBQ, kettle corn, corn on the cob, Mexican, you name it. It is a great evening out in a cute town.
            Also in the Target center on Huntington there is a great paleteria (Mexican ice cream place) - really good. Spaghetti Factory. In Monrovia The Peach Cafe is great for breakfast and lunch.
            And then if they want really good chilaquilles - head to El Matador which is located on Irwindale about 1-2 miles south of the 210. Their Menudo on weekends is probably good since everyone in there is eating it except for me!

          2. It's very plain decor but the best rotisserie chicken in Duarte and for miles around in my opinion, is at Roasty Toasty. It's in the small shopping center with the IHOP, Panda Express, Senor Pico and Subway across the street from WalMart on Mountain Avenue. Really good chicken - tasty skin and moist meat, along with good side dishes as well.