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Kraft Mac & Cheese

In a 3oz bottle/can. Just cheese powder.
I overwhelmingly had to buy it, it was tiny and cute and powdered.
Sprinkled on popcorn it's not bad. But I think I'm gonna hate myself in the morning.

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  1. Wow. I always asked why don't they sell that powdered sauce separately. It's one of my crap food fav's. To me, it's the redeeming part of Kraft M&C as the pasta that they package with it is garbage and goes soggy in no time.

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    1. re: MaxCaviar

      I always wondered too. Especially when we lived in UK: had to buy 15 boxes of mac & chz and discard the pasta, then pack the envelopes into the suitcases. They were worth their weight in gold among the American expats.

    2. I grew up with Kraft M&C, and love the stuff. (Nostalgia is without a doubt the most potent seasoning there is.)

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      1. re: David Kahn

        "Nostalgia is without a doubt the most potent seasoning there is."

        Well-put! Thanks - it will be mo new motto!

      2. Wait a minute. The Kraft powdered cheese is now available separately? In what aisle did you find this in the supermarket? Near the blue box or in the condiments or what? I gotta get me some o' this! For popcorn purposes only, of course.

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        1. re: Deenso

          Of course! I found it on the pasta aisle. It was near the grated canned "parm" I think. I was there for the Barilla, this was a happy bonus.
          The powder is fleeting, meaning I had to shake quite a bit on there to taste it. Licked off a finger it wasn't magic, but I closed my eyes and tried again until I felt the magic.

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            I found it on the spice aisle at our store. It's not only good for popcorn, but you can sprinkle it on potatoes, eggs, or anything else that you would add cheese to.

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              You should be able to find it next to the Green Can O' Death. It's in a blue can.


            2. I use to buy it all the time and sprinkle it over buttered popcorn. Then I couldn't find it anywhere. About a year ago I found it and now everytime I see it I get a couple of cans.

              I've been known to sprinkle some on boxed mac and cheese too. :-)

              1. Interesting idea, and it's good to know I'm not the only one who likes the cheese powder! But...I have to say I like it stuck in between the crevaces of pasta, and I'm not sure I would like it as much anywhere else.

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                1. re: Chew on That

                  i like the idea of having it in scrambled eggs... that might be worth trying.....

                  1. re: Firegoat

                    I got some of that Bacon Salt a couple days ago. The first thing I did was makes some scramble eggs, toss in a bit of the bacon salt, and then mixed in my kraft cheese powder! All the flavor and lots less fat!

                    1. re: danhole

                      Bacon Salt is on my list. I'm ordering the bacon candy bar on Monday (I was given a $15 GC for Vosges that I left on my desk at work)
                      Tried the cheese powder on 1/2 piece of toast- I didn't like it. It's almost gone so someone else around here likes it too!

                      1. re: Boccone Dolce

                        I don't think I would try it on toast. Only things that are already moist, so it could sink in and merge with the flavors. Ask that certain "someone else" what they are using it for.

                        1. re: danhole

                          Not dry toast! There was butter involved.
                          p.s. butter (or olive oil) is involved in most of what I do...

                2. Cabot's Cheddar Shake is my preferred fine-powdered cheese for popcorn and similar uses.


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                  1. re: Karl S

                    You guys are SCAREY! lol

                    I keep thinking of Bill Engvall's joke about broke food and combining the powdered cheese with spam..... lol

                    Spam is too expensive nowadays. :\

                    I bet it'd be great on popcorn! Have to keep an eye out for it. <0.0>

                  2. I hadn't seen this post when I asked yesterday about cheezit's flavored dough for pizza. Picked some of this powdered cheese this morning, put 3 heaping tablespoons in my bread maker with 1 cup water, 3 cups flour and yeast--set the dough cycle. 2 hours used my usual pizza toppings ( I tend to keep it simple--sauce, mozzerellla, shrooms, a few pepperoni, and I like blanched pea pods.) Fabulous pizza!

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                    1. re: Goldendog

                      Glad to hear we could help. No you have sparked my imagination even more. Need to try it in a batter! Thanks!

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                        That sounds very unusual! You probably already know this, but if you have access to fresh basil, it's really good to tear some up and throw ontop of the pie when you take it out.

                      2. Interesting. I saw a bag of bright orange cheese powder in an Amish bulk store and snatched it up. It's surprisingly close to Kraft cheese powder. So - if any of you live in Amish country, you can buy a good sized bag of the stuff. Probably cheaper than the 3-oz can from the grocery store, too.

                        1. Has anybody tried Kraft Mac & Cheese crackers? I saw them at a market today (hadn't seen them before), and am curious to know if they've captured the ineffable sublimely processed salty cheez-like flavor of the original product, which was my college survival food.

                          Here's a link, for the curious:


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                            I saw those, but didn't get them. I already had cheez-its, cheetos, cheese & peanut butter crackers, and hunks of real cheese in my basket, so I thought that might be a tad over the edge. Next time I am going to eat a bunch of cheese before I go to the store so I don't look like a hungry mouse masquerading as a human being!

                            1. re: Striver

                              mine! mine! I'll look for them next trip to the store. Strangely enough, I like the powder and most things cheezy but I do not care for the actual macaroni & cheese product. I go out of my way to NOT make it but I have to keep a box in the pantry- I think it was in our wedding vows or something. He makes it if he's feeling 'something from a box' - ish. I think it's because I like my pasta al dente and those tiny elbows bloat up and never under cook no matter how hard I try.

                            2. This stuff has been available forever. When I was a kid, used to sprinkle it from the can onto broccoli and cauliflower. The only way I'd eat the former! :)