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Aug 19, 2008 06:28 PM

5 days in Seattle beginning of September

We are looking for suggestions for
1.Great restaurants that showcase local foods and wines
2.Suggestions for an overnight trip to wine country (place to stay? Vineyards to visit?)

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  1. Bizarro is a locavore resltaurant featuring ingredients from a 200 mile radius when at all possible. Overnite? Head to the Torii Mor Winery on the Oregon Coast. Try dinner at The Bay House. Oh, yum.

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    1. For a restaurant that is a "NW Experience" I'd say Matt's hands down.
      Overnight to wine areas are difficult from Seattle (unless you want to just go to Woodinville; head to Woodinville, do the tasting rooms, stay at the Willows and eat at either the Barking Frog or the Herbfarm. close to Seattle, but would feel like a "get-a-way") Or you could do Cave B, they have a winery and hotel, however it is a bit of a drive, and you would be there during concert season, not sure how busy it would be.

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        I think what you say makes sense. Any advice re good tasting rooms at Woodinville?

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          alot of them are open by appt, so just call around. I would skip the big wineries (Ste. Michelle, Columbia, etc etc) I think the new building for Novelty HIll and Januik is stunning, worth a see just for the wall of glass into the barrel room (plus just around the corner from the Willows). Maybe post wine styles you like and fellow CH'ers can help with the winery choices? There really are tons of tasting rooms up there. good luck!

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        1. Trellis in Kirkland (a suburb of Seattle east of Lake Washington) and, I believe, Le Gourmand in Seattle (Ballard neighborhood) grow some of their own produce. Both are excellent restaurants--Trellis is Pacific NW, Le Gourmand is French.

          1. Bruce Naftlay at Le Gourmand has been there since 1985...pretty amazing guy in terms of having been on the sourcing local thing even when it wasn't "hip". It's a very nice restaurant with a very cool bar next door. I'd say Bizarro is may source local "when they can" but its not the best rest in the world.