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Aug 19, 2008 05:42 PM

Knishes, Please!

We know to get the pastrami at Katz's and the pickles at Gus's and the doughnuts at doghnut plant...but what about the knishes? Last year we got them at Katz's and they just weren't great. We have a lot of people anticipating our annual Pastramifest. Where do we get the knishes from? Thank you!

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    1. Knishes at Yonah Schimmel's can be hit or miss.

      We recently had a superb round potato knish at the 2nd Avenue Deli.

      1. Knish Nosh on Queens Blvd. in Queens ... by far the best knishes I've had in NYC if you're willing to travel to queens. They even make mini-knishes that are good for events with many people. My favorites are: kasha, cabbage, and potato. Good luck!

        Knish Nosh
        100-30 Queens Blvd, Queens, NY 11375

        1. I wish I could recommend a good knish source, but all I can say is to avoid Yonah Schimmel's. I find their product pretty disgusting (have tried several times). Doughy, insipid, leaden, lukewarm. The last two times I got a knish there, I ended up throwing half of it in the trash. Now I won't try again.

          How about pierogies from Veselka instead? They deliver!

          1. What about Zabar's? We need knishes!

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              I like Zabar's....they have lots of variety, and they were good last time I had one. Go for it. (And they are conveniently located near the strudel -- yum!)