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Aug 19, 2008 05:24 PM

Severn Inn – Annapolis – why aren’t we talking about this place?

I saw a brief mention of the Severn Inn in a thread yesterday and so off we went to lunch today. This place is glorious – great food, nice décor, on the water, and a killer view of the Naval Academy.

Lunch was delicious from start to finish. The crab bisque had a wonderful buttery flavor. The scallops were large, flavorful and succulent, in some type of tomato based cream sauce that didn’t overwhelm them. My trout entrée was moist and grilled just right, seasoned lightly with oil and (I’m guessing) maybe rosemary. For dessert, Belgium chocolate ganache cake was more ganache than cake, while the warm carrot cake had a panna cotta side in place of the sweet icing you would expect. We didn’t have ice cream, but the menu indicated it was provided by Giffords of DC.

Older threads on this restaurant are negative on the food and service. The service today was great in all respects and so was the food. Not inexpensive, but decidedly high quality.

If you are traveling to this restaurant from Glen Burnie or Severna Park, it is a simple ride down Route 2 (at the Route 50 split, follow the signs to the Naval Academy – you avoid Route 50 altogether). It’s at the foot of the Naval Academy bridge. A great view of Annapolis without the Annapolis traffic.

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  1. I want to love this place, but have had up and down experiences. I think it would be real popular if they were a bit more reasonable in their prices. I don't mind paying for the food, which is quite good, but feel soaked by the wine prices by the glass.

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      I think its a great find. Having just moved here from Atlanta, where the dining scene is quite vibrant, it is one of the more refreshing places we've been. First of all, the deck is outstanding. I find the wine prices very good relative to any other place. Never purchase by the glass, so really don't consider that too much, but always look for good values. The area of the list called something like "what I would be drinking" has some killer wines for good value.

      As far a food goes, we have progressed from appetizers, through the menu and honestly have not been disappointed in anything. Also, for me one key to a great restaurant is the bread. They have by far the best bread I've had in the area...a detail too often overlooked by more pedestrian locations.

      I hope they continue to thrive as it is an excellent spot.

    2. I had a couple dissapointing experiences with the Severn Inn not too long after they opened. I even had a friend who was a contractor that worked on their renovation say not to bother going there. I found it rather pricey for what I recieved in return.

      As a "local" I would like to find another good spot to rely on. Based on your glowing review, I'll give it another try. I'll break my rule about dining in restaurants "with the best veiw". Hopefully the prices are also more in line (especially the wine) with the food and service than I recall.

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      1. We ate there several months ago and really enjoyed it. It was pricey, but we thought the food was very good. We meant to go back over the summer to enjoy the outside seating, but it's already slipping away on us. Thanks for the reminder that we need to get there again soon.

        1. The original comment has been removed