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Aug 19, 2008 05:14 PM

Boston Personal Chef Services

This is more of a dining in question rather than a dining out question, but for those weekdays that are just too busy to go out, can anyone recommend a good personal chef service? There are so many in the Boston area that it is difficult to figure out which, if any, are actually good and worth the money. Thank you.

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  1. I would recommend contacting the USPCA - Hire a Chef. You can check online at Hire a Chef for your location in Boston and start the process there. I am a personal chef in Newport, RI - you could ask for a reference or two from the chef. Some chef's specialize in a certain cuisine or special diet (vegetarian, gluten free etc) if that something that you are looking for. Hopefully this helps!

    1. The American Personal and Private Chef Association is another good resource:

      These chefs have been trained and certified by the APPCA, and most (if not all) have SafeServ Sanitation certificates and are insured. (I was a personal chef for many years and belonged to this organization - its members are highly qualified, have excellent resources and take part in ongoing training through membership


      Good luck!

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        1. At my local farmers market, there's a vendor selling unbelievably good carrot cake (yes, carrot cake, with choc chips:) and bannana bread. She offers a personal chef service out of Milton called "Someone's in the kitchen." The carrot cake is vegan and delicious--which tells me she may accomodate certain dietary restrictionsi f necessary.

          If her baked goods are any indicaton, she's a great chef.

          1. Definitely be sure to checkout