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Aug 19, 2008 04:45 PM

Bread at Perbacco

We had a wonderful meal at Perbacco last week . The tagliatelle with pork sugo
was to die for -even better than the pasta I've had at Incanto, Oliveto, etc.

However, they served us two kinds of breads - bread sticks and dinner rolls - and
both breads were very dry and tasted like day-old supermarket bread.

Did they just have an off-night for the bread ?

The dinner would've been close to perfection if not for the bread. We're looking forward
to going back for the amazing pasta.

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  1. I would agree that the tagliatelle with pork sugo is wonderful. One of my favorites at Perbacco. I had read about the dish prior to dining there and was not disappointed. Another favorite is the salumi, claimed to be housemade. Nice variety. Our first experience there was definitely the best, which led us to wonder if we had simply ordered better the first time, or the quality was inconsistent. Sorry to say, we never determined which it was, since we have always attempted to order different things.

    We have never encountered the "dry bread" problem. We always enjoy the bread sticks at the beginning of the meal.