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Aug 19, 2008 04:21 PM

Rundown of Sunriver, Oregon Eats

We took a trip out to Sunriver this past week, and I noticed that despite a plethora of restaurants in Sunriver, there were few comments on the board. We were steered very right by helpful Chowhounds' recommendations in Bend (see separate post), so wanted to return the favor by giving our 2 cents on food in Sunriver itself.

El Pescadero - This Mexican restaurant in the Sunriver Village Mall features mexican-inspired fish dishes. There is nothing particularly inventive about the food or the menu, but I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the halibut and prawn fajitas. Guacamole was fresh, portions were large, and drinks were plentiful. A bit expensive at close to $20 / entree, but not bad.

Cafe Sintra - A mediterranean eatery that has a branch in Bend as well. Nicely prepared salads and grilled sandwiches dished up quickly and affordably.

Blondie's - A whole in the wall pizza place that made a decent calzone (albeit very cheesy and with a very sweet sauce). Good place to call ahead with an order and take out.

Meadows Restaurant - The signature restaurant at Sunriver, this place had a very odd waitstaff and fairly decent food. Lunch was clearly their best meal, with a fantastically fresh Chicken Salad and a nice Scallop / Spinach Salad. Breakfast had a few misses and was a bit pricey, but still of good quality. Never had dinner here.

Merchant Trader - Possibly the hidden gem of the resort, with casual food for breakfast, early lunch and dinner served in a wind-protected area around a firepit. Not good for more than a breakfast panini, fresh salad or quick sandwich / burger, but satisfying, fast and relatively cheap.

All together, nothing that will change your dining world, but if you are looking for food within the resort, you don't want to cook, and don't want to drive the 20' to bend, any of these could be OK choices.

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  1. I wish you'd gone before my visit a few weeks ago--I was there for a family thing. We ended up eating one night at Bella Cucina, which I wouldn't recommend, if only because of the soggy, cold calamari.

    We got coffee at Bellatazza each morning, which was pretty decent (but it was a long wait as they were very crowded).

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    1. re: Nettie

      Sorry I couldn't have been more helpful. I found Bellatazza to be very crowded and not particularly good, though there weren't any better options I found at the resort.

      1. re: bugdocsea

        It all helps. In Bend, Bellatazza and Cafe Sintra are quite good.

        Sunriver just doesn't have the numbers dining out to support good dining options. You didn't try Trout House? It has its ups and downs.

        1. re: bugdocsea

          No need to be sorry--you could only have been helpful had you been able to travel backward in time as my visit was before yours! At least you didn't eat at Bella Cucina.