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Aug 19, 2008 04:01 PM

Giovanna gelato is here! (and it's good)

Having just read about Giovanna gelato and sorbet in the current "edible BOSTON" I picked up in Foodie''s in Duxbury yesterday, I was excited to see Eduardo Kreindel's stand at the Lexington farmer's market today. I had to have some, in the interest of science, and I chose the Nocciola or Hazlenut, $3.50 for a generous scoop in a cup. Now I have eaten a lot of gelato in Italy (see my avatar), and I have always wondered why it isn't duplicated here, but my search is over: Eduardo has achieved the perfect flavor and mouth feel, even if his is Argentinian. Other flavors he had on hand today were I think vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, pistachio and the sorbet line up included Blueberry with Lavender! Rasberry with Champagne! The website lists also Lemon with Thyme, Stracciatella.....and they are also for sale as pints at many "fine" stores such as Russo's.

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  1. I agree that this gelato is excellent. Haven't read the Edible Boston article, so apologies if I'm repeating info therein, but one interesting thing is that they are "small batch". If a retailer/restaurant orders 12 pints of a certain flavor, they make 12 pints to order (subject to minimums, I assume). Plus they can do custom flavors. I think Capones also carries it. Best I've tasted locally, not even close.

    1. Have you had the gelato at Lil-N-Chiks for a comparison?

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        I haven't , but I look forward to it.

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          I have not tried Lil N Chicks and felt I should, but it's a bit far for me--I am more likely to try the gelato in the North End or Piazza Dolce in Winchester. But do report back once you've tried Giovanna's. I would love to know if Eduardo has plans to open a gelateria, and if he has permission to add spirits (lemon gelato with vodka, mmmm).

        2. I also had some of this gelato at the Newton farmer's market last Friday. I had the ginger and the strawberry. I thought that the ginger was quite good, but was kind of disappointed by the strawberry. To me, it tasted a lot like American-style strawberry ice cream. Strawberry was my staple gelato order when I spent a semester in Italy, because it managed to be more fruity and refreshing than American strawberry ice cream, but not icy like sorbet. I have yet to find something like it in the States. That said, the ginger was very tasty, and I'd be curious to try other flavors.

          1. Giovanna Gelato.... looks like I'm going to have to track down a scoop or two.

            1. I'm in love with their Lemon Pistachio Gelato - not too sweet and a nice balance of lemon and pistachio flavors. The texture compares nicely with my memories of eating gelato in Italy about a year ago. I buy it by the pint at Capone's.