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Aug 19, 2008 03:34 PM

Pupusas in NYC?

I spent last summer in El Salvador and am now in pupusa withdrawal. Everyone says that you can find any type of food in NYC, but I can't seem to find very many pupuserias. I think I read an article of some in outer boroughs, but I can't recall the names. Any ideas?

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  1. Do a search here and on Serious Eats for the "Red Hook Ball Fields" that's more or less the general consensus on where to find the best Papusas' within the 5 boroughs.
    Get ready to drool though because all you'll see are great mouth watering pics along with praise after praise, but just like the way of The Shake Shack, now that the word is out how good it is, expect long ass lines to feed your withdrawal.

      1. There's a place on Grand in Williamsburg near between the Graham and Grand L stops called Bahia that has great $1.50 pupusas.
        Delish for sure.

        1. Bahia is great. Also of note are Ine's Bakery at 4th Ave and 36th St in Brooklyn (open 24 hours to boot), and the Salvadoran restaurant across from the park on Knickerbocker in Bushwick. Pupusas are popping up everywhere as the Salvadoran population gets more established in New York--I found a deli off Myrtle Ave the other day serving them along with the cold cuts.