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Aug 19, 2008 03:20 PM

Slow Food Nation not-to-miss?

The schedule of events is here: .

What are 'hounds most excited about seeing, tasting, and doing?

(Apologies if this isn't appropriate for the local board.)

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  1. I'ts easer to start with what is missable. Definitely the $80 Rock Concerts; what is this, the Summer of Organic Food Love? Some of the symposia are missable **because they are sold out** and the most interesting, to me, of those that aren't, would be the one on Climate Change and Food. As far as the food goes, it might be worth $45 (the equivalent of $35 plus tax & tip) to eat the El Bulli-meets-Americana (50 bites from 50 states) spread.

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    1. re: Xiao Yang

      okay, perhaps i'm being slow today but where did you find the 50 bites from 50 states? i can't seem to locate "el bulli-meets americana"......


      1. re: chutney

        Just noticed your question, sorry. The second paragraph in the text you get clicking on the "Taste Pavilions" link at the very top states:

        "The Taste Pavilions present an unprecedented opportunity to sample the regional foods of America, with products from every state hand-picked by ‘curators’ who are nationally recognized experts in a particular type of food."

        I made up the "el bulli-meets americana" characterization.

        As one disgruntled poster noted, the festival backslid on the promise, and subsequently limited ticket-buyers to 20 tastes each for their $65.

    2. The "Taste Pavilions" sound sort of interesting, but $45-65? I dunno. In any case, the online ticket-sales widget seems to be broken, prompts me for a password but doesn't offer any way to get one.

      I'll probably just go to the free Civic Center thing.

      1. The Taste Pavilions and most other events have sold out, so I guess in that sense at least the event is a success.

        1. From what I understand, Armandino Batali will have some of his cured meats from Salumi in Seattle at the Civic Center Marketplace. Hopefully he brings some of his lamb prosciutto!

          1. I read in the Chron that the 60 purveyors at the free Civic Center thing will each be selling only a single item: squash from Catalan, Elephant Heart plums from Blossom Bluff, Dry Jack cheese from Vella, and so on. There's a list on the SFN site:


            I'd been planning to go, but now I'm not sure it's worth the time and BART fare.

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            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              I think you may be right. The items at the Civic Center sound like the same things we already enjoy at our local farmers markets and specialty stores. The Taste event sounds more what I am interested in.
              That ticket price doesn't really make sense to me but I did go to a wine tasting that was nearly that expensive. I recall that was for charity though...?