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Aug 19, 2008 02:34 PM

Looking for new financial district lunch places

Been working downtown for a while. So, I've developed a rotation of a few places for lunch:
hibachi at the Riverside Cafe
diwan-e-kaa (sp?)
#1 Little House
Burger Burger

Occasional treats at the following:
Seh Ja Meh
Alfanoos (sp?)

I tend to avoid sandwiches and empenadas.

However, I'm losing places with little to replace them. First Rosario closed and I had no Pasta options in the rotation. Now Seh Ja Meh is closed and lost my Korean option. I'm looking for places to replace them. Suggestions?

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  1. Seh Ja Meh is just relocating. It is moving to Greenwich and Carlisle, in the space that used to house a Mexican restaurant. It is scheduled to reopen there before the end of the month.

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    1. re: iraform

      Yeah, I know, I got one of those "we're moving" cards when I went there just before they closed. But Greenwich / Carlisle is just not walking distance for lunch for us working on Broad.

    2. Le Financier on Stone Street has great paninis and salads.
      Fresco Scotto to Go has excellent pasta, pizzas and salads as well.
      Avoid Wall Street Burger Shoppe -- it's totally over-rated.

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      1. re: DeeDee

        i love financier...great desserts !
        is Harrys open for lunch too, or just dinner ?

        1. re: lemonyc

          Yes, Harry's is definitely open for lunch.

        2. re: DeeDee

          Just tried the grilled pizza at Fresco last night. Second Financier on Stone or near the Federal Reserve is a good reasonable lunch place. My favorite place, though a bit pricey is Mangia. I also like Table Tales on Water & Beekman, Veronica's cart on Front Street (not too far from Wall). auroragb, you might want to do a search of this Board there are many recent threads.

          1. re: financialdistrictresident

            I go to Mangia for a treat, every once in a while.

            Table Tales sounds interesting, but seems a bit far for me...

            Veronica's cart sounds like right up my alley, I might check that out. Sounds like a place that has a line tho, so I'll try to be early.

            1. re: auroragb

              Veronica's usually has a long line because it's good and cheap. I've had curry chicken, fish, jerk chicken. Don't care for her baccalau, like Casa Adela's (LES) P.R. style better.

            2. re: financialdistrictresident

              Mangia on Wall has been closed for a few weeks.

              I just discovered Underground Pizza. Made Fresh Daily on Front Street is also good. Today I had the spicy grilled cheese with chipotle onions.

            3. re: DeeDee

              Hmmm... I occasionally go to Financier, but never really noticed their paninis.

              Fresco Scotto is that new place on Pearl, right? I didn't know they had pasta. I'll definitely give that a try thanks!

              I was also underwhelmed by Burger Shoppe. Burger Burger was more my speed anyway.

              1. re: auroragb

                Tried Fresco's pasta today. Skip it. I make better at home. Their grilled pizza was good. How about Backyard Chicken on Cliff and John?

                1. re: financialdistrictresident

                  Hi FDR,

                  I have heard that La Maison du Chocolat is opening to a store on Wall Street. Soon we will have great macarons every day! ;D

                  1. re: kobetobiko

                    Kobe, sounds dangerous! All this eating and a desk job . . . Any ETA on opening date?

                    1. re: kobetobiko

                      There is already a number of chocolate places in the area right?
                      Jacques Torres on Water, Godiva's on Maiden Lane, and another place on New St.

                      How's La Maison different?

                  2. re: auroragb

                    The sandwiches at Financier are pretty good! Especially the hot ones, like the special with prosciutto (special on Thursdays?) Their quiches are also very good!

                    1. re: kobetobiko

                      Hi Kobe. Always a fan of Financier for pastries, a new discovery for me on the lunch front. Had lunch at Financier on Stone Street last Friday. Salmon salad was lovely and under $10.

                2. Acqua - Italian
                  21 peck slip (@ water st)

                  Soma by Nature - Korean
                  123 william st. (william & john)

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                  1. re: kcijones001

                    Acqua seems a bit far, but good to know
                    Soma is just right on the edge of too far. I'll check it out next time I have a craving for Korean

                  2. What I miss from not being in the FD:

                    Naturally Delicious - their spinach burger is so tasty and they're only open on wkdays I think
                    Financier - the Le Financier sandwich

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                    1. re: sedela

                      I don't get Zaitzeff. I had the burger(100% sirloin, not a good thing) done on the flat griddle. It was pretty tasteless. The fried onion helped a little, and it was cooked to medium,but with a plate of good fries and a small bottle of Poland Spring water it was $16. I thought the burger lacked flavor.

                    2. I have to disagree with you on Cosi and Chipotle. They are absolutely, and in every way, atrocious.

                      Mardi Gras on Maiden Ln for mexican food. Their pizza is very good for FiDi as well.

                      Mangia has by far the best "pay by the ounce" buffet setup, possibly in the city.

                      I've heard good things about the burgers at white horse tavern (the one on pearl st, not the unaffiliated one in the village) but haven't yet been.

                      Bon Bon for Korean-style fried chicken.

                      Casual Grill on John St. for chicken/avocado pita.

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                      1. re: chet steadman

                        Where is Bon Bon? One thing that confuses me about Mangia is why the bulk of their buffet cold? There are some dishes there (especially meat ones) that I thought would be better served warm/hot.

                        Unfortunately, distance is an overarching factor in the rotation, the next is speed. Nothing in the rotation is more than a 10 minute walk. So, my rotation is heavily influenced by that. A couple of places on my rotation but I wish weren't are Subway and Blimpie's. Distance and speed is just so important for lunch

                        For example, I don't think that good Chinese food exists within 15 min walking distance of Broad / Stone (regardless of price). However, #1 little house is at least edible and not too expensive. Diwan-e-kaas is cheaper and spicier than Balucchi's but Balucchi's is also sort of on my rotation.

                        As for Cosi's and Chipotle, I'm partial to Cosi's bread, but I don't go often because I don't like sandwiches. Chipotle's only when requested by others in lunch group. Although, I think either is a step above Subway / Blimpies

                        1. re: auroragb

                          Bon Bon is at 98 Chambers Street (Between Church and Broadway) Here is their website (

                          1. re: teresa

                            never actually been to bon bon, but we get delivery from there pretty often.

                            and i much prefer subway to cosi. they're both crap, but subway grew on me when i was in college (hours from the nearest decent deli) and a couple of times a year i'll get a subway club on their parmesan bread.

                          2. re: auroragb

                            Agree with chet steadman on Mangia, which I also suggested. Don't know about your cold buffet inquiry. I really like both their cold and hot dishes. I probably get the cold dishes most often. I especially like the variety of grain and bean dishes.

                            1. re: auroragb

                              one possibility about the food being cold is that chilled food is more sanitary. not sure though, just a guess.

                              do you work at 85b, or just in the immediate area?

                              1. re: chet steadman

                                I'm at 72 W and sadly ate at the corporate cafeteria almost every day last week . . . I had hopes for Fresco To Go but other then grilled pizzas, not impressed with what I've tried so far.

                                1. re: financialdistrictresident

                                  The Plaza Deli on John and Pearl has a nice salad bar, one of my former colleagues swore by their fried chicken. They also have the make your own salad thing and sandwiches – try the Italian or low-fat tuna. For pizza there's a place on William and Ann near Pace that has decent slices (the name slips me). For anything Asian just hop on the M9 and take it down to Chinatown, it’s a 5 – 7 minute ride to Chatham Sq.

                                  1. re: MShapiro

                                    MShapiro, Rosario's? Wish I had time to get to walk/bus to Chinatown for lunch. It's great for nights and weekends.

                            2. re: chet steadman

                              I think Mangia is nothing special, and RIDICULOUSLY overpriced. Yea, I understand they have to pay rent for their prime location, but it doesn't make their food taste any better.