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Aug 19, 2008 02:23 PM

Moving to Nokomis!

This month we will be moving from Ohio to our newly purchased retirement home in Nokomis. Any good suggestions for fresh seafood, as well as Thai restaurants, in Nokomis, Sarasota or Venice? Thanks.

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  1. Don't think you'll be doing a lot of fine dining Nokomis.........


    1. Nokomis is close to Sarasota and there are lots of restaurants there that are Chowish. Venice and Nokomis are more likely to have Hungry Howies pizza as their number 4 pick (that is tripadvisors rating...LOL). I went to trip advisor to refresh my memory on a little fish dive on the intracoastal in Nokomis, but I could not find it. We'll push this up the list so maybe someone will see it.

      1. I've been here from NY for just under 2 years. It's true that the local choices are limited, but there are a few good spots. Several of the ethnic restaurants, well most of them, are way too americanized - better for tourists who've never tasted more authentic cusine. Best Thai around is on the 41 Bypass, Dara Thai. You can google that name and "Venice", it's quite close by. Fish - well I'd skip Captain Eddies. I think LilMs might be thinking of Marker 4? Or for fancier, Crow's Nest. I like Left Coast Seafood, also on the Bypass. Most of the seafood places you'll find around here specialize in fried, and don't quite get it right when they try to imitate New England style. Fish markets - you can often do quite well at the local supermarkets. Publix in Venice Commons (when Amy is working!), also for cheap stuff - rock bottom prices on shrimp, the 3 day weekend sales at Albertsons at Center Road. Lots of the little hole in the wall seafood restaurants also have a fish market attached. Many people consider the best to be Walt's, on 41 at the bottom of Sarasota - about a 15 or 20 minute drive. Good for a stop when you're up there picking up some home furnishings. Also a decent Japanese place in that area, Taste of Tokyo.

        I'll post more if other things come to mind. It would be far easier to post a list of "must avoids" though, believe me. And I'm pretty tolerant!

        It will be interesting to compare notes on our discoveries once you're down here. Funny if it turns out that we're neighbors, I'm just off Laurel Road.

        Good luck with your move and enjoy the transition!


        1. Oh yeah, and if you're looking for classic red Italian, Briandi's - also on 41, heck just about everything's on 41 around here. Anyway it's a hole in the wall owned by an old circus family, interesting memorabilia as decor. Luna on the island, Venice, is just okay - very loud, something of a production. It's like a chain restaurant that isn't a chain. A lot of people I know have said that this Italian place is great, Cassariano Italian Eatery, on Venice Avenue on the island. I haven't been there yet. They opened a new place called Fresca's recently, and I was there 2 weeks ago. Terrible.

          Sorry for the scattershot posts. I was just at the store, my Publix fish counter, and thinking of what else I could post. I still haven't found GOOD chinese locally. And that's a real drag.


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            Mark is Fresca's on Tampa across from the Venice Theater? I had heard that the newish Italian place in that location was great, but haven't gone, so I'm curious.

            1. re: backfixr

              I think the place you are thinking of on Tampa nearly opposite the Little Theater is called Scamotz. It's been open about a year now. Best pizza I have had in Florida by far, and many other Italian dishes.

              1. re: Scargoe

                Yes, it is Scamotz. Ate there for the first time two weeks ago and the pizza was sensational. What a great little gem. I sure hope it lasts. I still don't know Fresca's is located.

          2. Sharkies is always a good pic. It's on Venice beach. Beautiful pier. Great seafood. Always packed when I've been there.

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              I'll agree that Dara Thai is very good. Curry Creek Cafe is in Nokomis and I have had a number of good meals there. Not necessarily thai or seafood, but good. Very good crabcakes!

              The other posters are right, good seafood restaurants are hard to come by. I hate to suggest a chain, but we have had very good meals at Bonefish Grill in Sarasota.

              Pacific Rim is good, fun, lively and with a variety of dishes, including Thai. They are in mid-Sarasota.

              We relocated to the Venice/Englewood area from San Francisco almost 20 yrs. ago. Believe me your choices are much better now than they were back then.

              Have fun. You'll really love living here when February rolls around.