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Aug 19, 2008 02:21 PM

Lunch near DeYoung& Legion of Honor

I would like lunch conveniently near the DeYoung tomorrow, Aug 20 and the Legion of Honor on Thurs, Aug 21. Any cuisine, casual and good food is what we would like. Thanks, Tom Hall

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    1. Shangai Dumpling King on Balboa.

      La Vie (Vietnamese) on Geary is also a good choice.

      1. There are literally hundreds of places to eat between those two museums. Can you be more specific about what kind of food/price/atmosphere you're looking for?

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        1. re: Ruth Lafler

          Casual atmosphere, price does not matter and we are open to most cusines. Since we have been here, we have had dim sum and tapas. My wife is NOT an "innards" or "authentic to the max" Asian restaurant kind of person. Other Asian (especially Thai), pub grub, Italian, "new American," great sandwiches, central/south American, etc all fine. Ideally one each day near the respective museums. Thanks.

          1. re: Tom Hall

            We went to Lime Tree at Irving and 6th after going to the DeYoung last weekend. It was excellent. Good shrimp noodles, excellent beef rendang, and one of the best roti prata we've had in the Bay Area. My wife and kids loved the "Monkey's Delight" -- roti stuffed with banana covered in choclate sauce with ice cream. The restaurant is very casual and pretty inexpensive.

            For folks in the Bay Area, it was a very interesting contrast to Kopitiam in Lafayette. We love Kopitiam for the phenomenal chicken rice, char kway teow, and radish cake (we're less fond of their curries) -- none of which are even on the menu at Lime Tree. On the other hand, I don't think Kopitiam has beef rendang. Lime Tree's roti was much better than Kopitiam's.

              1. re: jmarek

                I had the chance to try Lime Tree for lunch a couple weeks ago with four friends. We ordered all five apps: roti pratha, martabak, corn fritters, potato cakes, and chicken satay. Of those, I'd get the roti and the martabak again. The shrimp noodles were pretty good with an undertone of balachaung. The mie tek-tek was ok with even the "spicy" fairly mild. I found the beef rendang tender and not too stringy but not as complex as it should be. The pork spareribs were not good.

                We had a chance to talk to the chef/owner and found out he's from Indonesia. We asked about some other Singaporean dishes and learned that he only has one wok station so is limited in the number of stir-fried preps he can have on the menu. He said he has crab every Saturday and Sunday, and will make chili crab or black pepper crab. He's also considering adding laksa to the menu and often has it as a day's special.

                Lime Tree - Southeast Asian Kitchen
                450 Irving St, San Francisco, CA 94122

          2. The cafe at the Legion of Honor is very good and very convenient.

            The cafe at the deYoung is also good.