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Aug 19, 2008 02:13 PM

Campfire Menu Suggestions!

I'm going camping with some friends for a couple days this weekend and would love some tried and true menu recommendations. I'm pretty new to camping, so other than hot dogs and canned beans/canned chili etc, what is great to cook over a campfire? We'll be bringing pots and pans.

We'll be leaving Friday during the day and returning Sun. I had good luck once with fish in tin foil with lemon and onions and then garlicky vegetables and potatoes in another tin foil parcel.
I'm guessing eggs and bacon/sausage for breakfast, I've had someone make pancakes which was kind of a nice treat. I'm also not particularly outdoorsy, so I'd be happy to spend time alone prepping a bit while people go wander into wasp's nests or whatever it is they do outdoors! ;)

I'd love to surprise everyone with some cool ideas, ideally. Thanks!!!

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  1. << I'm also not particularly outdoorsy, so I'd be happy to spend time alone prepping a bit while people go wander into wasp's nests or whatever it is they do outdoors! >> -- thanks for the chuckle, mia.

    I can't help you with menu suggestions although the foil packets sounds like a good way to go to me.

    This is what we do for a snack around the bonfire. We slice up some really good fresh kielbasa from the German butcher near our cottage and stick them on these cool campfire forks from Lee Valley -

    then we toast 'em them over the fire and eat 'em. Usually along with copious amounts of beer and/or wine. Tasty! (but sometimes people have to be careful not to burn their mouths.)

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      That's some fork!
      Thank you for the sausage suggestion, I'll hunt out some good stuff. I recently tried the chorizo from the sausage place in Kensington and was pleasantly suprised, so maybe I'll bring that.

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        I've known about Lee Valley for some time, but didn't realize they have some stores as well in Canada - 3 in the Toronto area.

        1. re: paulj

          The company was founded in Ottawa, Canada, by Canadian Leonard Lee. It was originally a Canadian company. There have been stores in the Toronto area for ages. The one downtown is relatively new.

    2. Do you have some sort of refrigeration? It would help for suggestions.

      There was something on the internet a while back about a canned hamburger that you reheat in boiling water... It looked pretty disgusting, but would make for funny memories.

        1. re: TarheelYankee

          make sure you have the marshmallows!

          baked or sweet potates in foil
          Take a large Vidalia onion, core it leaving the bottom intact, drop in a beef bullion cube and pack with butter.Then wrap in foil, and bake until tender .
          Apples with cinammon , butter and sugar

        2. S'mores!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The classic campfire dessert. Marshmallows toasted over the fire, squished between 2 graham cracker squares, one of which has a Hershey (flat) 4 square piece of chocolate (they might be 6 these days - inflation!)
          People try to improve it with jellies and jams......but the classic is a classic

          1. Cold appetizer but good........get one of those "summer sausage" thingeys, some cheese you like, some chutney,your favorite cracker, and a dash of hot sauce. You;ll be amazed how after a day in the backwoods that tastes so GOURMET!..and satisfying!