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Aug 19, 2008 02:12 PM

Campfire Menu Suggestions!


I'm going camping with some friends for a couple days this weekend and would love some tried and true menu recommendations. I'm pretty new to camping, so other than hot dogs and canned beans/canned chili etc, what is great to cook over a campfire? We'll be bringing pots and pans.

We'll be leaving Friday during the day and returning Sun. I had good luck once with fish in tin foil with lemon and onions and then garlicky vegetables and potatoes in another tin foil parcel.
I'm guessing eggs and bacon/sausage for breakfast, I've had someone make pancakes which was kind of a nice treat. I'm also not particularly outdoorsy, so I'd be happy to spend time alone prepping a bit while people go wander into wasp's nests or whatever it is they do outdoors! ;)

I'd love to surprise everyone with some cool ideas, ideally. Thanks!!!

  1. For one of my most memorable meals, we packed in to 9,500 feet (mules did the heavy work) with charcoal and one of those grills with pointy legs you stick in the ground. Then we had steaks and champagne.

    You could also pretend you're trout fishing. Fry up some bacon and pour off some of the grease, dust supermarket trout in cornmeal and fry.

    1. a couple of ideas...shrimp, potato, corn boil with crusty bread
      steak with spinach salad with warm bacon dressing.
      muffelletta sandwhich made in advanced and left to press through the day.
      I have made all of these on trips when I was forced to camp against my will. Have fun and don't forget the booze. I recommend a big pitcher of Sangria.

        1. pudgy pies! these were our favorites as kids. i think we would spray the pieces w/ pam. put bread on either side, then fill with anything. we used to do taco style ones w/ tortillas instead of bread, meat, cheese, salsa, etc. for dessert, do bread with pie filling.

          not the fanciest, but fun. :)

          1. Smores and more smores!

            Also, one of my best experiences with campfire cooking (it was on the OR coast) was steamed dungenese crab, in foil, with spices, over a smoky fire.