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Aug 19, 2008 02:05 PM

Bancroft treats

I'm heading up to Bancroft in a few weeks and would love to know the hidden gems in town or close by. I won't be having any full meals out but would be interested in great cafes and bakeries for treats.


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  1. weeeelll..... i think there's a Mennonite bakery on the Main Street... and they sell really good butter tarts at the Kawartha Dairy on highway 62... oh and at the junction where highway 62 becomes Mill Street (if you turn to the left at the 4-way fork) there's a little hut with really good fish & chips (try the pickerel!).

    if you do end up going out for a full meal, there's pretty good pizza at Vito's (also on the main street, beside the big grocery store). sorry my locations aren't so good - we've been going through Bancroft since i was tiny and i just know the streets, not their names!

    1. Well, if you get the craving to go to a pub, don't. Thomas Oliver's... we were there recently... it was 1:15 p.m. on a Saturday, not busy at all but we waited FOREVER for food and it was awful to boot. Then I was online somewhere and saw they were looking for a chef... well, that explains that... until they find one, you might go there for a beer but that's it... the service issue is in the kitchen, not the floor staff, who was quick with drinks, the bill, etc...