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Aug 19, 2008 02:00 PM

Italian Ice - East End of Long Island

Anyone know where to get an Italian Ice out east? You know the kind they scoop and put in a paper cup. The ones sold in pizza places in Queens.

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  1. How far east? There is a great place in Patchogue kind of behind the library. Many flavors, cream ice and water ice. They have a few tables outside albeit in a parking lot but the ices are fantastic.

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      The place in Patchogue is a Ralph's; they do have a very large selection. There is a similar Ralph's store with a large selection on Main St. Bay Shore.
      Further east is Ice Cream Cottage in Mastic, Montauk Hwy. and also a store on east Main St in Center Moriches. I believe Ice Cream Cotage makes their own. Also Dari-Land on east Main St in Riverhead outside of town and maybe Snowflake on west main Rvhd might make their own. For basic flavors I like Ice Cream Cottage, they serve a nice portion.

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        Back around 2000, there was a fantastic ices place in Patchogue, where rolise describes. I went back a few years later and it had changed hands--I'm not sure if it was at *that* point in time a Ralph's, s gnocchi mentions, but the ices had gone downhill.

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        East of the Shinnecock Canal. I wanted my husband to try a real ice. The only kind he has ever had are the Marinos Italian Ice in the cardboard cup.

      3. The latest thing is shaved ice, all the hot dog trucks on the East End seem to have it. In the little squeezy paper cups, which is half the experience anyway. I'm drawing a blank on Italian ices, there's some really nice places in the Babylon/Lindenhurst area if you want what I grew up with in the Bronx (or better). That's the closest I can think of. Sorbet would be more what you'd find unfortunately.

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          I keep thinking about this, there has to be a place. It's usually sold at Italian bakeries and pizzarias, maybe if you call. Or Scoop du Jour on Newtown Lane might have it? Is Ice Cream Club still around? What about that fancy place in Southampton, named somthing like Ambrose? Or are they gone, haven't heard about them recently. Now I'm curiouos too.

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            The Ice Cream Club in Sag Harbor is still around. They don't have them, mostly Hershey brand ice cream. Sant Ambroeus is the place your thinking of. Thank you - excellent idea. I will check there.