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Aug 19, 2008 01:36 PM

SLC Breakfast Recs

Our family, including picky 13 year-old son, will be flying into SLC this weekend and then driving up to Yellowstone. We're arriving early in the morning and will need to eat breakfast before heading north.

Because of our son's limited food preference, only family establishments serving straightforward breakfast fare will do. As always, dives are acceptable as long as you can vouch for the food and cleanliness.

Since we're heading north on I-15, any recommendations in the Ogden area will be appreciated as well.

Thank you very much.....

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  1. The first question is what route are you taking to Yellowstone? If you're not in a huge hurry and have not been in this part of the country before, I highly encourage you to leave interstate 15 just before Brigham, follow highway 89 to Logan, then you will go east through Logan canyon, drop down into Bear Lake, and continue through Montpelier and then keep north, going through Star Valley and Jackson. It is an incredibly beautiful drive, won't add too much time to your trip, and you'll get a great glimpse of rural Wyoming. The Bluebird cafe in Logan (about an hour and fifteen minutes from the slc airport) is an historic cafe, great downhome food, complete with a spectacular soda fountain. if you cant wait that long, you might try Lamb's grill in downtown salt lake. again, an old fashioned cafe serving good basic food.

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      I was thinking Lamb's, but I will second the rooney recommended detour. If you do go that route, be sure to stop at Crumb Bros. and pick up some baked goodies for the road. Their palmiers are fabulous.