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Aug 19, 2008 01:32 PM

pomegranate store in bklyn

it opened on Sunday. kosher blog gave it a good review-anyone else gone?

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  1. actually, I believe that it officially opened today. There was a line outside before opening time thi morning at 11:00 AM

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      the point of my post was to get people's reviews not discuss when it opened

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        good article in today's ny times as well as a good review of shnitzel place on coney island and burgers and bar sp?)

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            I shopped at Pomegranate. The aisles are spacious and well stocked. The take out department has gourmet selections unlike most kosher places. They had Moroccan chicken, beef empanadas, lemon chicken shishkabob, veal dishes, beef dishes, and some of the usual foods like meatballs. I was impressed with the presentation of the food. The fancier dishes resembled the type of food that you would see at a catered affair.

            Residents of Brooklyn need not go to the Five Towns to buy food at Brach's or Goumet Glatt (as I know some people do). You have a store which is at least comparable (Pomegranate has far better takeout) if not better than what exists in the Five Towns.

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              what ar the prices of takeout like? expensive or comparable to other places? what type of packaed goods do they have? any exotic ingredients?

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                The price for the typical meat takeout was about $9/lb. The packaged goods are similar to what I have seen in Glatt Mart, Brach's, Gourmet Glatt. I saw some brands of sauces/marinades that I generally do not see in other comparable stores. The one stop shopping aspect (bakery, takeout, produce, frozen food,etc.) is appealing. I would not make a special trip if you do not live in the general vicinity of the store because it may be comparable to kosher stores in your area (there is a parking lot, but the parking is still not great). If I am in the area, I will shop there again.

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                  Do they have a bbq chicken special (you know one or two bbq chicken w/sides) and if they do what do they charge for it. I usually use this as a yardstick as to the tone of a takeout's pricing. I consider this a staple for a quick dinner harken back to the Meal Mart days in Crown Heights from too many years ago.

                  Brachs charges $7.99 for one chicken and a side. I have seen it cheaper in Boro Park, but not cheaper here in the 5 towns.

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                    I don't know if they have a chicken special. Brach's takeout pales in comparison to Pomegranate. Pomegranate does not generally have the Brach's/Meal Mart takeout. The selection is more like Gourmet on J in Brooklyn. I did get some good prices at Pomegranate, but I didn't go there for their pricing. I went there because they have a better selection of quality foods than most other kosher supermarkets.

      2. I just got back. They have an incredible meat department. With a real butcher who actually knows what he's talking about. Veal Ossobuco..Boneless Duck Breast/ Legs, Dry aged steaks...all at relatively good prices. (boneless duck breast was around 13 a pound.)

        1. Are there any specific products that can be found there that aren't anywhere else?

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            They have regular products and gourmet products. For the most part, they don't have anything unique that you can't get in another store, butcher shop, or online. It's just that you can do one stop shopping instead of having to go to seversal different stores. Superburns mentioned their "incredible meat department." I previously mentioned their good gourmet takeout department.

            While I think that Pomegranate is a really good store, I can't say that I would travel a long distance to go there. If I was in the area and I could find parking, I would go shopping there again.

          2. I went into the Pomegranite on the 19th and was impressed by the cleanliness and wide ailse but was disappointed because there was nothing that I hadn't already seen somewhere else. There were no exoctic fruits or vegetables with the exception of baby yellow carrots and they do not carry ctimini mushrooms. They have 2 grinders to make peanut butter (regular and honey roasted) but, unlike Fairway they do not have a seperate grinder to produce almond butter.
            I went back today, Friday and was sorely disappointed. There salads (e.g., cole slaw, potato salad etc.) were very pricey (starting at $5.99 lb.) the packaged cake was often the same as I saw on Tuesday ( cheese babkas $7.49 for six cupcakes), a package of six 4"X1" cheese buns were no bargain at $8.99, and the fat free/sugar free muffins had no calorie count.
            The most aggregious thing though was that one showcase of beef was fully stocked with beef that had already oxidized and turned brown.
            Further, they advertise that they have parking for 50 cars. What they do not tell you is that it is valet parking, so even if you are lucky enough not to have your car mashed up you still have to tip the valet. This after paying prices that are higher than Glatt Mart, Moishe;s, Kosher Palace and (dare I say it) Fairway!