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Aug 19, 2008 12:54 PM

Beautiful restaurant for Wedding of 200 people

I'm looking for a beautiful restaurant that can hold 200 people for a cocktail style wedding. I'd love something with high cielings and brick walls. Something funky yet elegant with of course GREAT food! A hotel restaurant would be ideal but anything that fits that criteria will work. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!


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  1. To me a hotel restaurant does not equate to great food.

    One thing you may want to also consider if you cannot find a suitable restaurant, but can find a suitable room (a daily rental loft in Old Montreal?) is ask a restaurant to cater the wedding for you. Europea is one resto that does stuff like that.

    1. There are not many restaurants in Montreal that can accomodate 200 persons; especially with high ceilings and brick walls !!

      wait, I just remember, have a look at the "Fonderie Darling" in old montreal (google for it)

      "This large magnificent industrial space measures more than 500 m2 (5000 p2) and 13 metres (38’) at its highest point, allowing for maximum flexibility in conversion, able to adapt to multiple productions. Among its numerous features are:"

      After that, just get a great caterer...

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        I love the "Founderie Darling" but unfortunately it is booked for the night of the wedding. Places like that are exactly what I am looking for though!

      2. You might want to explore Restaurant Helene de Champlain on Isle St Helene. The restaurant is anscestral, the rose garden out back is great for pictures,the parking is abundant but the food can be "hotel style".If you were to involve yourself in the food selection the restaurant will go to great lengths to please.

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        1. Le Saint-Gabriel may have high-ceilinged, stone-walled rooms sizeable enough to hold the event.

          Just noticed that the lobby of the Pointe-à-Callière museum accommodates up to 250 people.

          Similarly, the MMFA has appropriately sized spaces.

          Ditto the Musée d'art contemporain.

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          1. re: carswell

            great suggestions... the pointe-a-calliere museum looks great. i left a message and am excited to hear back from them!

            le saint-gabriel is unfortunately already booked....

            thanks again to everyone for all the help!!!!

            also, has anyone ever had a catered event at hotel place d'armes? i am looking into renting it out as well. thanks!!

            1. re: jarschef

              We went to a nice cocktail wedding reception upstairs from the (ex?) Cube at Hotel Saint-Paul. Not sure how many it would accommodate. It's a very "lounge" kind of feel.

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                You've probably checked but, if not, the Lion d'Or would make a pretty impressive venue for a wedding receiption.