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Aug 19, 2008 12:52 PM

Moving to Boston Area

Hi! My wife and I are moving to the Boston area. In chosing a place to live, we have a number of criteria such as home prices and available parking. One other critera is an area with great food within a mile. We would like to be near a great breakfast place, lunch place, and wine bar. For those familiar with Phoenix and to provide some reference, we are located near La Grande Orange (great breaksfast), Postino (great wine bar), and Vincent's bistro (great lunch and breakfast place).

We have no plans to move to downtown area of Boston. More likely will be moving to one of the western suburbs (Watertown, Newton, Weston, etc.) Anyone have any recommendations? Thanks.

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  1. You won't find anything at all in Weston plus it's one of the most expensive towns in the state. Newton is very pricey too. Watertown is more affordable with some o.k. places to eat. One breakfast spot comes to mind...a diner whose name escapes me at the moment. Regardless, I would not move to Watertown for the food. You might want to check out Arlington/Somerville/Cambridge area. All 3 places places will have parking, reasonable home prices and lots of great food. Good luck.

    1. Mayflour is right -- Weston has no food and is $$$$$. However, Watertown has some terrific Middle Eastern markets, the Town Diner, and Shangri-La (technically in Belmont but just over the border, I think). Wine bars, not so much.

      In fact, you may have sticker shock when it comes to house prices, and the less expensive towns are further west where there are no wine bars, bistros worth mentioning, or great lunch places (I know because I live out there). I second the rec for Arlington, or Somerville especially, where you'll have lots to choose from. Parts of Cambridge may be affordable as well.

      1. To vastly over-generalize, the further out you are the less chow-worthy the dining options. Agree that Arlington/Somerville/Cambridge are much better bets chow-wise than the suburbs you mention. And reasonable is all relative but will be far more affordable than Weston.

        This topic comes up fairly often on this board. Here are some threads that may be useful to you (last two relate to Arlington and Somerville, respectively):

        1. I'm afraid everyone else is right: what you're requesting is sort of an either/or. Zillowing the neighborhood you mention in Phoenix is showing an average home price of around a half-million dollars. That might get you Watertown, but you should put Weston and Newton out of your mind. But that's okay since there's not much Chow there anyway. Focus on Watertown, which is the part of Boston I would live in if for some reason I wasn't allowed to live in Allston. It's the best balance of burbiness and proximity to downtown, and some of my favorite food in the city is there.

          I have no idea where a wine bar is in the Boston area. Here the options tend to be beer bar (serious), beer bar (fratty), cocktail bar, and hangout for serious boozehounds.

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            I agree-- do consider Watertown, location-wise and budget-wise. You might also consider the eastern end of Newton, which is almost the same thing. While Watertown itself does not have really high-end restaurants, it has some really good casual places. And it's really close to Boston and Cambridge.

          2. Another place to look is Waltham. Lots of really good food in a condensed area (Moody and Main Streets) and a nice Landmark theater to boot.