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Aug 19, 2008 12:48 PM

Best Milkshake in Miami-Dade

Saw this same post for the Tampa area! Where's the best milkshake in Miami-Dade? Seemingly hard to find but perhaps not! I do know one thing, I was sitting in 5 Guys Burgers in Kendall and I was jonesing for a milkshake......and there nary a shake to be found!!


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  1. Only open during the day between November and April, Knauss Berry Farm is always worth the drive from SoBe to Homestead for us... and if it is not season, Robert is Here hits the spot...

    I would be interested to hear chow recs for local ice cream shoppe milkshakes....yuummm

    1. since Knaus and Robert is Here are quite a drive, Norman Brothers works for me.

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        Norman brothers isn't bad. Don't forget the Pinecrest Market on 57th